What To Wear To Your Newborn Photo Shoot | NJ Newborn Photographer

What To Wear To Your Newborn Photo Shoot | NJ Newborn Photographer

What To Wear To Your Newborn Photo Shoot

Confused on what to wear to your newborn photo shoot? Don’t worry everyone is! I get this question a lot, so I hope this guide helps all my fellow Mama’s out!


  1. Generally speaking it’s always best to wear a solid color. Prints are ok, but stripes can cause chaos in your photos. Any style of shirt, pants, dress, or shorts is okay, but too many patterns will distract from the people in the photos. 



2. Be comfortable. I love a great gown shot, particularly if you’re holding a baby and a fan is blowing your hair around! However, gowns are not for everyone and certainly not for every occasion. After you’ve had a baby the very last item you will want to put on your body is a gown! I love simple v neck t-shirts,  cotton sweaters, or even a loosely fitted flowy dress. If you feel comfortable, it will show in your photos. That moment should be about you and your baby, not about spanx or glamour. If you are the type that loves a gown, might I suggest a maternity session with a Sew Trendy dress! They have a little something for everyone, and they photograph beautifully.


What to wear

3. Colors! I love a ton of color in photos- it’s my signature style. Creams, grays, navy, and black photograph really well and will keep the attention on the relationship between you and your little one. Simple solid colors will always be in style. You can also consider a skin to skin photo if you’re feeling up to it. 




4. Coordinate with your newborn. I have wraps in every color under the sun. To achieve the most consistent gallery of images you’ll want to coordinate with your baby. If you know the primary color of your shoot will be pink or blue or gray, choose a color that works well with your primary shoot color. Baby is often naked or wrapped in photos in a simple cotton wrap. Consider cottons, and soft fabrics that will feel good against babies skin, and work well with babies portrait session.



5. Show off a little! You know what distinguishes one shoot from the other- the people! If you love jewelry, wear it! If you have a full sleeve of tats, let’s see them! If you’re wedding ring is a family heirloom that will be passed down to your little one, let’s get it in frame.  Nothing is more beautiful then my clients relaxing in their home, on their bed, just as they are. Really no matter what you wear, nothing will be as stunning as the bond you share with each other and your new baby. That’s what Im there to capture, that’s whats photographs best.





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