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I’m happy to announce that we’re expecting baby #3 this summer.

IMG_2200 copy

We’re over the moon with excitement and joy. This little one is already kicking and making its presence known.

pregnancy announcement Week 6

pregnancy announcement #2

I’ve started a personal project, that I’m calling The Door Project. It features me in front of the door, that will become the babies room. I hope to get outside for some maternity pictures this spring, but  for now,The Door Project has a special place in my heart.  I think it will be most special for this baby. I always wonder what my Mom looked like pregnant and there are very few photos of that journey. So this is more for him/her than me. And for the other two as well. It’s not like I have it any more together with this little one, in fact most days I feel bad for this one! But I’m trying to remember it all, for the day I can’t remember it at all.



I don’t photograph myself every week, but when I start to see big changes in my shape, or we reach a milestone- I’ll sneak away for a bit and photograph myself.



We don’t know the gender of this baby, but everyone has their guesses. Gracie thinks/prays/hopes/begs for a sister and Jude doesn’t have a clue what’s going on. His only acknowledgement is my growing belly and pointing to other peoples babies saying “bye baby brother.”



We’re all getting ready in our own ways, and the house projects we’ve been neglecting, are now in full swing.

Pregnancy Collage

We should be ready for this little one by the time its birthday rolls around. Until then I’ll be posting updates and photos!

IMG_2193THREE! That’s crazy. Who does that?



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