Newborn Session Leo | New Jersey Newborn Photographer

Newborn Session Leo | New Jersey Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photo Shoot At Home

There are a couple of things I know for sure, having a baby is an act that makes you a real life super woman, and investing in a newborn photo shoot at home, is the nicest gift you can give to your super hero self.  This little man is the third and final baby of his family. He is sweet and warm and perfect. I’m lucky enough to be related to this little guy! I’ve loaded about 800 photos that really capture my love for Leo, and his beautiful family.

A newborn photo shoot at home is the perfect way to capture this special time. If Mama and baby can stay in the comfort of their own home, while nursing, talking, and remaining in that postpartum haze- then all the better for everyone. Every photographer has there own way of preparing for an in home newborn shoot. I bring a small studio set up with me and use objects around your home to style your in home newborn session. The result is a mix of newborn and family portraits that accurately represent your family.

Leo’s Details

For Leo’s session we used his Dad’s record player and favorite records. We also incorporate Dad’s most cherished books, Leo’s adorable big sisters, in the window seat of their home. It was just sheer luck that Leo smiled in his Dad’s arms and snuggled up so sweetly with his Mama. Because I work with this family so often, the girls are comfortable with me capturing the bond with their baby brother. It’s really an honor to step into a home and have the trust of the family. I never take my in home newborn sessions for granted, as I am the lucky woman who gets to make art out of my clients every day lives.






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