Jude’s First Day Of Preschool: NJ Family Photographer

I find it difficult to write about Jude’s 1st Day of preschool. I think that might be because it was his first full day away from me, and this new baby will arrive in less than one month. There have been so many big changes in this little guys life- and while they’re all necessary, they’re all tough too.


Jude isn’t easy to catch in a photo, he runs the second he sees my camera.  His sister has developed a technique where she holds his head in place. This makes me laugh now, but years from now it will likely be one of my fondest memories of the two of them, as I create a collage of head holding!



His first day went great. He loved all of the new toys and the slide on the playground. Her was also introduced to group potty lessons, art, and music too. He napped and ate his lunch- all without crying for Mommy. I consider this a success. IMG_0183IMG_0184


It isn’t easy raising a child like Jude. His life is ruled by happiness and good times. He doesn’t care for, or follow rules- unless begged or forced too.  He isn’t one for structure. He prefers to be home, more than any where  else, and if you aren’t his “family” (which he talks about often) he honestly could take or leave you. As he’s gotten older he enjoys the company of friends, and assumes that everyone is as keen on him as he is on them. He has some other Mothers in his life, that he adores. And if you hand him any type of treat or candy, you too can become an instant friend.

Jude is steadfast and stubborn. He is always in the moment, never holds grudges or resentment, and possibly his best trait, is how quickly he can find the awesome in anything. Jude is all testosterone and sweat. He’s demanding and gentle. He is big for his age, and so I think people often expect more out of him than he can readily give.



IMG_0187    IMG_0194

Most importantly Jude is my guy. And every member of his “family” will stand up and tell you how their lives got better the instant  that they met him. IMG_0190IMG_0191IMG_0192

I don’t know, or rather I can’t tell yet, if his new school knows all of this about my guy. I don’t know if every teacher will take the time to pull the brilliance out of him.  What I do know is that he’ll make wherever he lands a more joyful and fun place. His spirit is ruled by an energy so great, so big, so amazing that even my simple words can’t  describe how magnificent my guy is.


When I dropped him off for day two this morning I told him that I loved him and that he had to do his best to listen and be a good boy for his teachers. The thing is, he is doing his best. He is a great boy. And with or without me, he can handle this transition.

I should say that this is the moment that we’ve all been waiting for. Here I am for the first time in years alone in my office catching up on work- but somehow my thoughts are constantly with my children. Even when we are apart we are together.  When Jude turns 3 years old this week he will have a little party with the people he considers his family. We will celebrate this little man who is the busiest, biggest, most glowing spirit you could ever imagine. We’ll let him, be him. No rules on Thursday. No structure on Thursday. No limits on Thursday. Just full on Jude- no definition necessary.

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