Video Tutorial: 1 Video, 2 designs

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When I receive my clients footage it ranges from professionally filmed to amature cell phone videos.

Even though I was trained in film and video- I would still consider my cell phone video footage pretty amature. However, all things can be made better with a proper edit. You can change the look and feel of the exact same video, by simply changing the song that accompanies it and the saturation (color).

The video below is of my families recent trip to the beach. The colors in the sky on that crystal clear day are just gorgeous! So of course my first thought when opening the footage in the edit was to use what was there and let the colors of that day, speak for themselves.

I added HERE COMES THE SUN because it sets a calm, cool, perfect mood for that beautiful day.


After viewing the footage and thinking of the possibility for a more dramatic video, I took the exact same sequence, added the color corrector tool in FCP (you’ll find that under effects), pulled the saturation to zero and fluffed the whites- for full contrast.

Once that was complete, Here Comes The Sun didn’t feel right, so I stuck with the Beatles but went with Blackbird, which makes anyone feel sentimental.


1 video, 2 designs. Which do you prefer and why?

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