The Weekend Project Jan.31-Feb1st

This past weekend, and week, have been pretty busy. I had two shoots, which meant lots of time to pour over ideas and get creative with some exceptionally awesome clients.

First on deck was this little guy.


He was so happy to sleep and lay in any position that I placed him in. And here’s his bog brother, James. Can you imagine just walking around the Earth looking like this guy?IMG_5682I wouldn’t even talk, I’d just flash my eyes at people and they’d give me whatever I want. I couldn’t decide if I liked the color or black and white better, so I tried both.

IMG_5684And then it was back to some new set ups I’ve been hoping to try. I really love this one…

IMG_5740 IMG_5948 IMG_6045 These two will certainly gain a reputation for the coolest & most handsome boys in Brooklyn.

Sunday was dedicated to welcoming new life into this world, with a maternity shoot here in New Jersey. When my client mentioned her home was in a  wooded area, I could never have hoped for a more amazing backdrop or more beautiful Mama -to- Be.

IMG_6164 IMG_6168 IMG_6218 IMG_6231 IMG_6256 IMG_6274 IMG_6331 IMG_6343

We even got her handsome husband in for a few shots. It was a winter wonderland right outside of their door. I think it creates a magical type of look.

IMG_6426 IMG_6464 IMG_6473 IMG_6511 IMG_6535 IMG_6577

Mean while back at the ranch, this little guy has suddenly become obsessed with wearing costumes. Currently he’s Capt’n Hook until noon each day.


I love when my two worlds collide. I have an appreciation of life that’s just starting, mixed with life that’s in motion.



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