The Perfect Holiday Gift

The Perfect Holiday Gift Pintrist

The beginning of the holiday season marks the end of another beautiful year together.

My Pinterest Page is starting to fill up with pumpkin spreads and decorating ideas, and that feeling of nostalgia mixed with excitement is getting the best of me.

Here at Little Love Stories we create modern memory videos, this you already know, but did you know that our Way Back When videos make awesome holiday gifts?

Super 8mm reels & VHS tapes pile up high in the attic of most peoples homes, but taking that rarely seen footage of your first X-Mas pageant, kindergarten graduation, or your family vacations is the perfect way to celebrate family during the holiday season.

way back when

Picture a roaring fire, hot chocolate, new spouses, new babies, and old friends, sharing in the memories that made your family an awesome family. The perfect gift, sure to be added to your holiday traditions for years to come. Plus it will solidify you as the favorite child and best gift giver in the family 🙂

Here’s a snippet of my families VHS home movies, turned in to a Way Back When video.










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