The “Jude At Two” List

Hey Jude,

Happy 2nd Birthday. It seems to me that you just arrived in my arms and into our home, but there is evidence of you everywhere. Your name is written on my heart. We’re connected in a space that knows no time or boundaries. I’m so grateful you found me. Here’s your Jude At Two list- it’s everything you need to know about you at two.


You are Mischievous. Oh my dear how you get into everything. You must touch, explore, throw, and stomp on every object you find. I know, you know, you’re being terrible- but you have this devilish grin that helps you get away with even the most horrible of offenses.

Jude running


You love sports. You call every sport, ball. If we pass a park you shout BALL!BALL! You love to play catch. You love to play soccer. I tell myself that all that throwing will someday pay off once your drafted and you buy me a house on the shore. I want to be very specific- any Victorian in Cape May will do. I deserve it Darling, keeping up with you is a lot like chasing a new puppy around a glass showroom. That’s right kid, buy your Mama a house!


jude in the grass

You are a cuddle bug. You will cuddle any time, any day. You will cuddle anyone who would like a cuddle. You are most likely to cuddle after you wake up and when you’re sick- those are the best cuddles around. Your Dad really takes advantage of this on the weekends! You’ve had this ability to cuddle since you were a newborn- as long as you can hear a heartbeat you are content to stay put.

photo 4


You are beautiful. You are so beautiful. Big brown eyes, loopy curls on your head, and the sweetest sun kissed cheeks. You’re so adorable that I just know you’ll be a heart breaker someday and it will be 100% my fault because I cuddle you all day long and tell you how cute you are even when you’re being terrible. (see this full list for reference)  Don’t let it go to your head darling, there are millions of beautiful people! Do your best to be a gentleman & scholar- you’ll stand out from all the rest.


You are (sort of) adventurous. I don’t understand your need to make my heart stop 10 times a minute. You love to swim- but you don’t know how. You love to jump- always too high. You love to swing- you’d love it more if I’d let you flip over. Your all adventure and dirt. BUT there is this tiny part of you that is really hesitant to try new things. You’ll get there but you have to warm up to the idea. Once you have the hang of it though, there’s no stopping you.


You are moody. This might just be part of  you being a two year old but, I’m already over it. One second you’re supremely happy and the next you’re uncomfortable and cranky. Check back next year to see if this trait has improved.



You have a HUGE sweet tooth. You don’t eat. You could care less about food of any sort but, God knows you LOVE dessert. You will ask for two things every morning: Tommy (Thomas the train) and cake. You say it so sweetly like we give you cake every morning. Cake? Cake? Mama, cake? No. No. Jude, no! You act like if you repeat any one word over and over I’ll somehow forget it’s 7am and feed you cake for breakfast.


You are relentless. My sweet boy you will stop at NOTHING to get what you want. I don’t know if I give in because you’re cute or because I simply can’t listen to you beg for something any longer. This will serve you well once you’re a man.



You are of the ocean. This is the truth. When we go to the shore you want Daddy to hold you. You lay your head on his shoulder and shout WA-WA! over and over until he stands in the ocean while waves crash all around you both. You will fall asleep just like that. You don’t seem to care that you weigh 35 lbs and Dad’s arm goes numb- but he doesn’t care either. Your soul belongs to the summer and salt water and sea my love. The mere mention of water or a pool will get you up and moving.


You are a Mama’s boy. This might have made the list last year.  Spoiler Alert: this will make the list every year.


You are smart. You are not smart in the way Gracen is. You are smart in the way a con-artist is. You are always 2 steps ahead of me. At first I thought it was a fluke- and now I realize that saying yes to one thing to you means that you have a grand(er) plan down the line. I have to really think before I answer some of your request because you always have a plan and it’s usually naughty.


You are calm. We should have named you Laid Back Jack- because you almost always have your hands behind your head and take big giant exhales. This life is sooo exhausting for you Jude. SOOOOOOO tiring.


You are a ladies man. I don’t want to rush to judgement but, you LOVE women. You flirt. You do all sorts of stupid human tricks to impress older women. You smile, you giggle, you’ll hit your head 100 times on a table if it makes a pretty girl smile. Your ridiculously charming.

kids of summer

You are loyal. You have one main friend and that’s Natalie. Any other little girl you meet you refer to as “Not Nat-Nat.” You don’t care whose feelings you hurt and you aren’t looking to expand your roster of friends..yet. You love your sister, the girls & Devi, Natalie, Papa, Your Uncles, Cheese the Cat, and Cubby the Dog, and that’s about it.  If it’s not one of the above mentioned souls, your uninterested (for now) . This sounds harsh but it’s an awesome trait to have because it’s the quality of those connections that counts- not the quantity. Plus being the little brother to all of your sisters friends will have it’s benefits as you get older.


You love animals. Every dog you must pet. Every cat you must touch. Every animal at the zoo you must wave hi to.


You say Hey, which makes me so happy. Everyone says Hey Jude to you- so you keep saying Hey ____ to them. It’s so cute.  I hope you’ll always say Hey ___ because Hey is way cooler than Hi– and it’s your thing.


You’re a complex little soul my boy. You have carved your niche into this family and I wouldn’t want to know life without you. I think our souls have traveled here and there and everywhere together. This list will surely change and grow as you get older- but what will always stay the same is my adoration of the very essence of you.

Jude B&W May 2014

Have the greatest year of your life Jude.

Jude with Chalk May 2014


Love, Mama



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