The Best Family Photography Locations In New Jersey| NJ Family Photographer

The Best Family Photography Locations In New Jersey| NJ Family Photographer

The Best Family Photography Locations In New Jersey

I’m often asked what the best family photography locations in New Jersey are. While I travel all around our great state for family photography sessions, there are a few locations that I come back to again and again. These are locations that I can always peg for great fall foliage, or spring blossoms, or summer colors. It was hard, if not impossible to narrow down photos to use in this post. Just seeing them laid out in this way made me really excited for fall family photos. Believe it or not, I’m already starting to book fall sessions, so please get in touch with me now to reserve your date!

Top 10 Family Photo Locations, NJ

My Top 10 family photography locations in New Jersey are listed below. These are my personal favorites and the best family photography locations in New Jersey! I have a few new locations I’ll be adding this year for returning clients. Keeping your sessions new and different from year to year, is a goal of mine. We will cover your walls with framed love and memories! I’d love to hear your favorite family photo locations too! Comment below to share with me some personal favorites.


Freeman Gardens Photographer

Freeman Gardens: This teeny tiny garden park is in the heart of Glen Ridge NJ. Lucky for me it’s practically in my back yard. I meet local Glen Ridge families here often in the fall, where hay and pumpkins and perfect fall leaves fall ever so lightly all around us. This park is like a keeper of time, with ice cream parlor chairs and a beautiful barn to match.

verona park photographer

Verona Park: Verona Park is a favorite all around/ all weather park. With a small lake, playground, and preserved garden and bridges, Verona Park is easy to love. It’s big and spacious with weeping willow trees and a patch of tall grass- that I love shooting in!

sunflower field, sussex county NJ


Sussex County Sunflower Fields: I’m considering doing an early mini session fall shoot here. Sussex County has the most AMAZING sunflower gardens in New Jersey. As an added bonus you can dine at the Chat-N-Chew and suddenly your fall sunflower photo session just turned into a yearly family pilgrimage. Be sure to check out the local State Fair where you’ll see prize winning pigs, cows, goats, ox, and much more. It’s my favorite late summer haunt. 

Asbury Park Photographer

Asbury Park: A distressed boardwalk, colorful murals, the ocean, the beach, the downtown, and Purple Haze Doughnuts. I adore this shore point. It’s  my favorite. You can convince me any day of the week to meet you and your family down there for some fun sunset or sunrise photos.  


brookdale park photographer

Brookdale Park: Located in Bloomfield, NJ this park is enormous! I like to shoot near the rose garden and make my way up the walking paths. Great for spring and fall shoots. Cherry blossom season is short, but when you catch it the results are pretty magical! There is also a giant oak tree here with initials and hearts carved into it’s trunk. I love, love!



Hanson Park Family Photographer


Hanson Park, Cranford NJ: I do a series of mini sessions here each fall, only for my Cranford clients. The driftwood benches, old row house, and deep wooded paths make this one a fall favorite! I will ask you to dance in front of the boat house or lie down in the wet grass for a picture that I think is worth it!


Kingsland Manor Family Photographer


Kingsland Manor, Nutley NJ: This public treasure boast a tiny waterfall and a historic home and gazebo too! I love the rich fall colors here, but honestly you can shoot here year round. Plenty of space for kids to explore and a few bridges that create some lovely  traditional family portraits.



Jersey City, NJ: Waterfront, city views, murals, restaurant, people, city feel with wider streets. I used to live in Jersey City, so it’s partially selfish that I shoot there whenever clients will allow. There is a pedestrians only street that is filled with delicious restaurants and life. I love the feel of Jersey City. There will be people in your photos- but in the best way possible.



Long Street Farm, NJ: It’s a little out of the way but once you get there…..oh my gosh! A historic working farm complete with horses and sheep, long dirt roads, rolling hills, a lake, and the list goes on. I have taken some of my favorite images in this unique location. It’s even more stunning when it’s raining there.



Liberty State Park: Sweeping views of the city and an old train station too! This location is perfect no matter the weather. If you’re feeling adventurous we can board the ferry to the Statue Of Liberty!

Those are my favorites, now tell me all of yours!


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