Starting Over

Starting Over

I don’t make New Years Resolutions. Generally speaking I’m doing my very best to keep my head above the water, remember the moments that are great and beautiful with my kids, and be as positive as possible day in and day out. I fail, often, and most of those items- but I try. I really do try.

Since I haven’t blogged in awhile, we’ll need to start way back at Halloween. Halloween of 2015…that’s last year now. ( insert me blushing here).




I really wanted to go as a theme this year. Early on I choose The Wizard Of Oz. But here’s the thing about life, or at least my life, I plan a theme and then my kids say NO.  Well one kids said no. That one kid went as a Mummy. That one kid ruined the whole theme- but he also has my whole heart because God knows I love a good rebel. Jude is a total rebel. It’s hard to raise but awesome to know.  Gracen’s school had a darling little Halloween parade. Our town is Halloween CRAZY! It’s the greatest most festive time of the year here, and I’m so grateful we live where we do because I adore Halloween. Gracen and Leighton went as Dorothy and The Tin Lady.





Look at that face! Most of parenting is tough and you feel super overwhelmed a lot of the time, but there are these moments where your kid is happier than she’s ever been in her entire life and you think, this is the most addictive feeling I have ever felt in my whole life. It’s love and pride, mixed up together. It’s really hard to get that excited about yourself- but you see your kid smile and something chemical happens.  And then your brain and  your heart basically give each other a  much needed high five. Then you erupt in tears because that also serves as a sign that they’re growing up.


My little Tin Lady.


Jude’s school had a Halloween show.





He kept lifting up that mask to say Hi.

IMG_2331 IMG_2334


I could eat these little humans up whole. They fill my whole heart.


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