Shoes fit for a queen….or a little princess

So this is the story of my little girls first pair of shoes.

Matt & I went to the doctor at 16 weeks, she announced "It looks like you're having a girl." I went back to my office and promptly ordered these…

are completely impractical for a newborn, I have no idea if or
when they will fit her. I paid $35.00 plus S&H for them, and I love
I think these alone will make her a girly girl and I can't wait to shove them onto her little feet, and yes she's nearly 6 months old and still they are too big.

But now I'm in love with these…


and these….


Until Gracie stops grabbing her feet and pulling off her socks I have little to no hope that we will ever make it to shoes!

Found My Feet

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