She said what?

Sunny has a very interesting habit of needing to know “what’s next” at all times. Every morning she asks me two things. 1. What are we doing today? and 2. What are we doing tomorrow? It’s related to her controlling nature- which I allow due to the fact that she can not handle surprises of any type and MUST be told the exact plan for the day or her emotions will take over her common sense.


Tonight she says “Mommy, what are we doing tomorrow.”

I answer ( a little too enthusiastically) “SCHOOL!”  To which she replies…

“What? I hate school!”

“No you don’t. Why would you say that?”

“Because, ( exasperated) I have to do all this stuff. I have to cut! I have to Dance! I have to play! I have to be nice to people!!! I mean it’s like, what do you want from me lady?!?!?”

That’s my girl…in a nutshell. Happy Monday friends. I hope your enthusiasm for school/work/play is as bright as my child’s.

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