Saying Goodbye To George


Since the moment she was born I knew there would be some major life events that would go on to define my daughter. I knew there would be a first word ( doggie), a first step (14 months), a first friend (Noelle) and while I’ve been okay with her first being my last (with her)- I just became aware that it’s the  firsts I never thought of,  that are the hardest to move on from.

Since the time she could watch tv she has loved Curious George. It’s the only kid show we record on our DVR and no matter what- an episode of George can peek her interest. Sick and home from school? Watch George. Crying and can’t get herself under control? Turn on George. No matter the question George has consistently been the answer, until today.


Today she came home from school, I turned George on, and she ran off the play My Little Pony’s. Apparently the Galloping Gala    ( I’m not kidding, that’s the name of the party) was way more important than our old friend George. I will now try to put into words the level of  sorrow I feel  in my heart for this abandonment of our dear sweet little cartoon monkey. It’s ridiculous for a grown woman to miss a tv show- but it’s somehow made more understandable when you realize it’s directly connected to her growing up. George just doesn’t cut it any more- his stories of curiosity just can’t compete against princesses in purple and pink, and horses dressed as hookers.

I’m actually okay with my kids growing up. I love their babyhood but I am also looking forward to their childhood.  They will keep growing up and they won’t always say goodbye to the things that they used to love or used to play with, and that’s just something I’m going to have to make my peace with. I just wish she would tell me the time before its the last time. “Mommy, this is it. I no longer will be watching George. Stop DVRing him”  (or something like that ) then I could savour the moment , I could pause, I could say goodbye.


So I present to you, my goodbye to our old friend George.


George, you are just as big a part of my journey into Motherhood as my first born was. Your silly antics and natural curiosity got me every time. The way you walk to jazz music and your love for the man with the yellow hat always made me smile. You were our pacifier and our friend for 4 long years- and while I’ll miss you so much I just want you to know that you helped raise my baby into a girl. This isn’t goodbye completely, hopefully Jude will  pick up where she left off- but much like the lovie left behind on the bed of a parting college student,  old friend she’s moved on. I want to thank you for helping to teach her empathy and kindness. I want to thank you for your subtly mouthed mumbles that actually let us know what you were trying to say in English every. single. time. Oh George, it was a good run wasn’t it? Can you believe how big she got? Remember when she was just arms and legs and a mullet? Those soft waves gave way to spiral curls and that dimple in her chin is still just as promenant as it always was. I promise to never fall in love with those awful Ponies! I promise to watch out for the Princess’s who can’t ever seem to save themselves and opt for the ones who kick butt and use their brains. Oh George, this is a tough one.

Good bye old friend. Until we meet again. Gracen’s Mom.

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