‘Round Here

Lately we’ve been feeling the effect of having an (almost) five year old in our home. There is a lot of eye rolling and “really”.  As in “really Mommy? REALLY.” To be fair she also has days were she is sweet as sugar- singing her holiday songs and asking me to color with her. I assume five will be an in between age; part toddler/part kid. I think this face says it all.IMG_1401This little man is like an atom, he never stops moving. The exact opposite of his sister, he asks to “nuggle” (as in snuggle) on the couch all day. Which is adorable. The issue of course is we have to take his sister to school and we’re running late, and I forgot to pack her lunch, and crap is it almost 8:30?????!!!!! And where is your brother? Find your brother!” That’s when I’ll find this little man laying on the couch, curled up with Duck ( his blanket) saying “Mama nuggle me peas! Peas Mama! Nuggle?” And then we’re late for school because I will never pass up a nuggle with my favorite little guy.

IMG_1428 IMG_1431I know someday they’ll compare notes. They’ll call each other and be like, “what’s wrong with Mom? Why does she always talk baby talk to me?”

untitled-1417It’s getting so cold out that indoor photos are a must. My new lighting kit came this weekend and I made asked my daughter kindly to allow me to photograph her. I did. We got about 5 shots before the teenage part of her walked off set. That’s my girl. Calling all my shots.

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