Newborn Family Photography|  NJ Newborn Photographer

Newborn Family Photography| NJ Newborn Photographer

Newborn Family Photography

Newborn family photography is the most popular type of session that I offer.  When I am lucky enough to be invited into a families home whose just added a new baby into the mix, I always start with sibling shots. It’s tough for little ones to sit still long enough to pose for photos, and so over the years I’ve learned to get siblings involved as quickly as possible to insure sweet sibling images. 

The Details

This session was unique in that it was a siblings only session. We coordinated the baby’s wrap with the girls outfits. You can imagine that in a house full of girls there were plenty of bows and pinks to go around! Its always fun to chat with the older siblings. They’re so full of pride for this little creature that their parents have brought home. These girls were camera ready and such a pleasure to hang out with. We sang silly songs and promised a few special treats for their time. Newborn family photography is a love note to your newborn that they’ll cherish forever. I imagine these photos will serve as a constant reminder of the love that this family shares, long after these precious days have past.












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