Combining a Maternity & Newborn Photography Session

Combining a Maternity & Newborn Photography Session

Combining Your Maternity & Newborn Session

Combining a maternity and newborn  photography session is a lot easier then you think! Many expecting mother’s seek my advise on when the right time to take maternity photos is and how can we combine the maternity and newborn session in packaging and pricing. Maternity photography is usually captured anywhere from 30 weeks to 35 weeks along, depending on the health of the mother and size of her the belly. Very few pregnant women feel beautiful in there last few weeks before baby arrives.  It’s an uncomfortable time and you could deliver any time after 35 weeks, so I tell clients to pick a window of time where they still feel good and are ready to show off that baby bump. Maternity photography sessions are really about capturing the “before baby” time. Growing bellies and growing excitement around the baby is what we’re preserving. Through photography you can share that special time with the baby, by someday pointing to these photos and reminding the child, “that was you in there!”

Newborn Session Elements

Once Mom and baby are back home, we’ll choose a date for the newborn session that’s within the first 2 weeks of life. I like to use some elements from the maternity session in the newborn session. Below Jenn, Rob, and Claire anxiously wait the arrival of baby Morgan. It was important to me to capture Claire’s excitement as she snuggles her Mama’s tummy, and later her baby sister, Morgan. Combining a maternity and newborn photography session is a great way to visually capture this special chapter of life.

About This Family

I have been very lucky to capture this family for a few years now. One of the best parts about growing up with a family is getting to experience their excitement with them. As their life gets bigger, I am able to tell their story in photos. I’ve been photographing Claire for so long now that she is a master at posing for me. When Jenn brought the girls into the studio for Morgan’s newborn session I knew we’d get excellent sibling shots. Claire has a gift for making wide eyed smiles and lighting up a room with her sweetness. Holding baby Morgan was such a treat! After seeing her just weeks before in her mother’s belly, I was really looking forward to meeting her Earth-side. This family is full of love and patience. Claire and Morgan are very lucky live in a house full of love.  

See their selected photos in the images and video below!















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