Leighton @ 4 months: NJ Newborn Photographer

Leighton @ 4 months: NJ Newborn Photographer

I don’t know how this happened. Or rather I do know. I do know how this happened.

leighton pink

Every time the good Lord above hands me a new delicious newborn I think two things, 1. Oh! There you are. I’ve been waiting for you! and 2. Please don’t grow up. Then I think that over and over and over for 12 months straight. The newborn phase is my most favorite phase of childhood.


I know that most people find that shocking- but that’s my truth. I love those sweet little bitty faces and soft skin and the getting to know you phase. I adore the long nights and I rarely complain over the lack of sleep- because I’m more than willing to give up my sleep and my bed, to stare at my newest creation. So, when 3 months hits, and it will…( and it does!!!) I start to mourn that newborn goodness. The wonderful thing about babyhood is, that the baby year is ever changing and really all the phases of it are beautiful. But three kids in, I can tell you I have a favorite. Matt always muses that it must be hard having the newborn phase be the favorite when we have 18 more years to go…


Leighton is 4 months in these photos and she’s really started to come out of her little shell, albeit SLOWLY because she’s Leighton and that’s how she rolls. Lady Leighton, truly has a hard time moving forward with life. It seems to always catch her by surprise. Just when she was getting comfy- POOF! She accidentally rolls over and she’s like, wait?!? Wayment! And we grieve her growing up together.


Believe it or not, I really don’t photograph my kids every day. People seem to think my children must be the most photographed kids on the planet-but the truth of the matter is that if my camera is around I will shoot a few pictures but usually I’m far to picky about light, time of day, and what they’re wearing to photograph them. So I choose a day in the month and that’s when I’ll spend 30 minutes capturing Leighton. I will say she won’t ever suffer the, they never took any photos of me fate that other 3rd babies go through. But she’s hardly photographed every day.





I’m hesitant to call this a monthly project- but I do try to photograph her monthly and chart her growth in photos.

leighton brown

It’s frightening how quickly she is developing into a human. Lately it seems like someone has stepped on the gas petal. I’m lucky to have gotten to be here for the whole ride.


I can’t stand it and yet, I can’t stop it.






My baby is growing up.


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