Hold up! Wait a Minute…

My Mother In Law sent these photos from NC and I really really think they capture the tiny tornado that is my child.

I feel like the photo above really captures her appetite for all things food and drink. While the next photo (below) really says…

I am in charge and all of you are my human helpers/assistants.

*Note the little side eye. She’s like, hey you…this is my board room, you’re in my light!

For just one second can you imagine raising this kid? If you tell her that the president in Obama, she will respond with “Oh no…ME!” Then I say “Nooooo it’s Obama” then she says “Noooooo MEEEEEEEE! GAY-CEE”

I mean I think she might be someday- I’ll just stay out of her way.

In other news my brother made us this little sign to open and close our videos with…

Cute right? This way I don’t have to type www.littlelovestories.com I believe smart people with degrees in this type of stuff would call this branding…Thank you smart people and Christopher Statham.

Lastly ( is that a word) I would like to share with you my new favorite reality show. Seriously can’t get enough and I know what you’re thinking, Toddler and Tiaras is NOT new! But don’t worry it’s not T&T ( even though that is awesome) this is DANCE MOMS!


God I love these women. I hate that I love it- I also hate that I have visions of my Sunshine girl dancing around in a  tu-tu and competing in national shows and win titles!

*Side note my girlfriend Mother Dear is reading this rolling her eyes saying “Gracen is NOT that girl”- we’ve been threw this Jess she’s evolving into a sassy dancing princess accept it and move on!

PS. Can you write PS on a blog? Well whatever it’s mine, see how branding works??? Anyway thank you to those of you who sent in video of your little ones. I’ll be back soon with some vignettes of your kids AND welcome to our new readers we’re so glad you are here.



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