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Hilton Head Island Vacation Part 1

It’s taken me awhile to edit down 300+ vacation photos, but here is part 1 of our Hilton Head Island Vacation! My parents live in South Carolina, which means that spring break is an escape from NJ’s dreary spring time weather. We only visit once a year thanks to a 16 hour car ride- but once we are there it all seems worth it. Biking, golf cart riding, fishing, swimming, beach time, and sight seeing- we pack a lot into our week away. Centrally located Hilton Head Island is sandwiched between Savannah and Charleston. There are many tiny towns with big personalities in between. This trip we made an effort to document the details that make South Carolina so interesting. 

We have started to enter into that coveted “sweet spot” of parenthood. The two oldest are at an age that they can swim and ride bikes without our assistance. They are excited to go out for adventures with my parents and Aunt & Uncle. They can grab snacks and food and entertain themselves, but they still want to hang out with us. While our baby is rounding 2 years old, her special needs require special attention, which is much easier when you have a 4:3 ratio of adults to kids. At these ages 7, 4, and 20 months- my kids are friends and playmates. They are also still full of cuddles, random and often useless information that must be shared immediately several times a day, and always up for a field trip to the great unknown.

This is our Hilton Head Island Vacation Part 1






















** She didn’t care for being tossed up in the air 🙂


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