Hated It!

Do you guys remember the tv show  In Living Color? Remember when they would do the skit called Men On Books? They would say the famous phrase…HATED IT!!! And then they’d snap they’re fingers in a circular motion…remember? That was sort of how Sunday sounded here in NYC.

Sunny had her first swim lesson of this season and she HATED IT! Don’t believe me? K. See pics below-

Me: Gracie? Are you gonna throw up?

Sunny: Mama! Uppy! Uppy!

Me: This is fun right? Do you want to do “Humpty Dumpty again?”

Sunny:  NOOOOOOO! Mama? Uppy?

Me: Okay- you swim like a fishy! Fishy! Fishy! Right?

Sunny: Mommieeeeeeeee!!!!!!! Go!!!!!!! Out!!!!!!! Bye- Bye!!!!!!!!Uppy!!!!!!

At this point she chokes on water and then this happens….

Me: Gracen! You will swim in this pool and love this class because Mommy paid a lot of money for you to swim like a fishy! Okay smile for Daddy!

Sunny: Daddy? Grandma? Gram-pa? Peas! Go! Uppy!

Me: Matt! She hates this shit!


We are the total sum of our experiences, if that is true then my Sunny will surely be a “land” person, much like her Mama. It should aslo be pointed out that in a class of twelve, 8 of the children are mixed chicks! How awesome is that? You can see a few of them in the shots up above- you would think having other kids who “look like her” would have inspired her to “act like them”…and SWIM! However my mixed chick prefers solid concrete foundations. You’ll also be floored to know that I couldn’t find a solid swimsuit ANYWHERE in my closet- even though I bought one for swim lessons last year! So I was the only Mama in a two piece- I know they were all thinking, this swim-less slut! Next week Matt is getting in!

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