How To Take First Communion Portraits  | Kids Portrait Photography

How To Take First Communion Portraits | Kids Portrait Photography

How To Take First Communion Portraits

I have the absolute pleasure of photographing this family every year. With 7 children, there is often a life event happening that must be documented, and I’m the lucky Lady who gets to capture it all. This is sweet Giselle, the 5th child in her family. A few weeks ago she made her first holy communion, and I came to the family home to take portraits for her big day. I’m often asked how to take first communion portraits, and the truth is they are like any other portraits of a child. I recommend a big bright window diffused with curtains if possible. Stand the child so that the light is shinning on their face. Think of a few must have poses, like the one shown below of hands in prayer. With the girls I often fluff out their dress or have them kneel for variety.  A quick spin in their church clothes will typically get you a natural smile!

A family of 9

The love in this home is palpable.  Giselle’s parents take such great care to make each child in this family feel special, and I always leave wondering how they do it! I struggle very often with my 3 children so 7 seems impossible, until you’re in their home. Once you’re there it’s a combination of laughter, energy, and fun! Every year I leaving thinking having a big family would be fantastic. Giselle is sweet and kind, quiet but powerful. In the images below you’ll see the way little sister Sammie looks at her. The kids all seem to have a soft spot for this beautiful girl. She’s nurturing and so very easy to love. I hope to capture all of their best moments as their family continues to grow up!












































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