This past week we had a much needed break from the summer heat with the arrival of Auntie Erin.

(That shadowy figure is Erin waiting for the subway)

Erin and I have been best friends since we were 6 years old- and along with Nora the three of us are quite a team.

Through the years we have gone form 3 little girls to 3 grown women, a feat I pray Sunny is blessed with in this life. Though Erin now lives in the second city- she makes HUGE efforts to be here in NY a few times a year to spend time with our little people and growing families. She is the Auntie who gets on the floor to play, chases the toddlers around the park, cuddles the baby,  and teaches Sunny to stick out her tongue and how to dance like a ballerina! In her week -o- fun she joined us at Sesame Place (Lord help her), went to  music class,  and attempted a disastrous  lunch at Shake Shack ( why do we try to eat publicly with these tiny humans?).  Erin also spent lots of time indulging in gossip, wine, and cheese with me- I really love her for that.

Erin took me out for a night in the city on the lower east side and I literally didn’t recognize a place I use to frequent back when I was a single lady waiting for somebody to put a ring on it. ***Side note- that song came out when I was already married with a baby- I would have TOTALLY ROCKED THAT SONG as a single girl…now I pull Sunny’s hands over her head and teach her how to shake her fingers and tush while making a “That’s right boy???!!!” face.

Moving on… we love Auntie Erin and even though Sunny can’t seem to say Auntie Erin, she does ask minute to minute, “Where is her?” She walks into the guest room and says “Hi you!!!” Then upon realizing “her” is not there- she turns to me and ask “Where go?” I explained that people like Auntie Erin are mythical creatures who come to help us have lots of fun and then must go back to their world where adults have a good time,  the song Single Ladies still has meaning, and text messages from a new friend still gives you tiny butterflies. One day I’ll tell her how her Auntie Erin is the smartest woman I know, has read every book you can imagine, touched the lives of thousands of her students, and has never once let me down. I’ll tell her how great friends are born and live in your heart even if they are hundreds of miles away, and how she is the only reason Sunny hasn’t been featured on Toddlers and Tiaras, yet.

In truth I keep looking at the guest bedroom too- where her? I miss her so much, it’s as simple and complicated as that.

Saw this with Erin on the side of a building in Soho- Thought you guys would like it as much as I do.

I thought I’d share a little unedited video from Sunny’s music class, I think you’ll know why once you hear the song.


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