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Got a few emails regarding Sunny’s shoes in the last post. Cute right? She picked them out all by herself at Babies R Us.

The brand name is: KOALA KIDS I can’t find them online, but check these cuties out on

I really want Sunny really wants  a great doll house from Santa!

NOTE: They didn’t have a mixed race family, so I went with the Diaz family. I’m not making that up, the name of the family on the website is the Diaz family.

NOTE: I would seriously love to live in either of the homes above.

NOTE: I love that bed!

And if I get to decorate Sunny’s doll house it will look like this…

I would also like it noted that they don’t have a Brooklyn Condo doll house, do you know why? Because that’s not what most little girls dream of. They dream of Victorians and Colonials in New Jersey and Connecticut.

I should have named this blog, I want to move to  Jersey. Thank God my husband never reads this blog, he would ask me if I’m out of my mind and tell me that we’re NEVER moving to New Jersey. Boooooo!

In other news

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