CATS: This Ain’t the Musical

This was supposed to be a post about Sunny’s new boo-boo, but tonight a little intruder intruded on our evening. HUMPH! (see pic below)

Yep that’s her alright. Her name is Moos’ Baby and she is 100% available for adoption.

Back this winter there was a giant fat black and white cat who Sunny and I called Moo- because she looked like small cow with her hanging belly. But Moo had babies, and now one of them IE: Moos’ Baby has come back to her mother’sĀ  old stomping ground.

She lives in Sunny’s princess castle in the backyard ( can you see it in the background of the above pic?) and she comes out in the mornings walks right up to my kitchen window and peers in. I honestly thought nothing of it, but tonight Matt and Sunny went outside and who comesĀ  out to play but Moos’ Baby! She climbed in Matt’s lap, where he let my daughter pet her, and gave kisses to them both. I instructed Sunny to stay back, but her father, who I sometimes call Little Jesus was all too happy to pet the kitty, love the kitty, take pictures of my baby petting the kitty!

Meanwhile I’m standing in the back doorway blocking her from literally trying to run into my house. I can not believe this cat! I mean really? Do you know me? I’m not an animal person Moo. I’ve had a cat- I gave her away. Furthermore I own a dog who lives with my parents and the dog that lived here ran to her grave after spending 6 months with me.

I’m not kidding- I don’t like shedding animals, people, or children. Grosses me out- but that’s just me.

But here’s the thing I really feel so sorry for Moos’ Baby. She’s clearly friendly and sweet and really really needs a good home.

Now I’m not the “Bring a stray animal into your house and then explain to your child why said animal had to be brought to a shelter” type- but I’m really feeling like a sweet little kitty needs a sweet little home- just not this home.

So if you have a home that could use a friendly kitten- grown and raised in Brooklyn NY inbox me- I’ll have Matt capture the little critter and deliver her to your home. Seriously no charge. I’ll even pay for her flight to your place- she just can’t continue to live in my backyard- it makes me feel like a bad person and if you read this blog you know I have enough guilt on my plate.


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