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Dear Sunny, I recently read an article about the effects a Mother’s words & actions can have on a child’s self esteem and it seems as though I owe you an apology. As you grow up you will do what I do, you will be me until you learn to be you. It’s not a Read more ..

I had the pleasure of editing a highlight video of Chris and JC’s wedding this past week. Unconventional, upbeat & fast paced,their video was much different then the wedding highlights I normally create, but it is uniquely “them.” The song is by Chris Brown- in case you love it like I do and their theme Read more ..

Did I really only post once last week? That seems wrong…I guess I was in a sweat induced coma- really 100 degree weather? Yikes! I have so much to catch you all up on, but first here’s a little post of a few of my new favorite things… I LOVE summertime. Living in Brooklyn we Read more ..

This week is already showing signs of greatness. First things first Andrea & Michael had a beautiful, perfect, and healthy little….. BOY!!!!!! Please welcome Jack Michael to our  blog family….well lets welcome him to their family-  but I’m like family, or at least I worry about him like I’m family- same difference lets not split Read more ..

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today is an awesome day!!!! We are on pins and needles anxiously awaiting the arrival of a new baby to our ever growing family. So to help pass the time, Sunny and I have taken to some much needed pool time while we wait for good news!   By the time my Read more ..

This weekend I led the life of a jet setter- well sort of.  I headed to Chicago to celebrate the pending arrival of my best friends baby. It also marked the first time I flew without my daughter. Getting on the plane I thought I might throw up- so its no surprise that 10 minutes Read more ..

Here we are, 30 more days have passed and my little one is 30 days older and suddenly 30 days bigger and 30 days smarter. This past month has brought us lots more words and phrases, 2 new teeth, and a whole lot more attitude. But there’s something else too, Sunny is more affectionate suddenly. Read more ..

When Sunny was a infant she slept in the bed with Matt and I. Some of you are horrified by that last sentence…don’t worry there is nothing you are thinking that hasn’t been said to us. “Aren’t you afraid you’re going to roll over on her?” “Is that safe?” “You’ll never get her out!” The Read more ..

My Mom was in town to help celebrate the pending wedding of Chris and JC. While she was here Sunshine was getting her molars and was…less than pleasant. So when we got a call to come into the city for my Mothers’ dress fitting something had to be done! I called Miss Aleda and asked Read more ..

She’s teething and sad and crying and not in the mood for a photo shoot. Well we got one smile! And while we’re here lets look back 12 months ago… The photo on my Facebook page is Sunny at 13 months. I keep having to remind myself that that was over 2 months ago now.  Read more ..