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  • November 15, 2012

I bought a sign for my dining room. It says: If you’re a bird, I’m a bird. I bought it for my children. Because whoever you 2 are, whoever you grow up to be, whatever you choose to do or not do, whatever you believe, whatever you support, whomever you choose… If you’re a bird. Read more ..

My child woke up at 4am. It’s been a long, very long day. I even texted a friend saying “Do you ever feel like you just can’t do this today?” But then something happened. Sunny found her favorite glow sticks and gave one to me. She wrapped it around my head, and wore hers around Read more ..

I promise a BIG post is coming soon. But in the meantime, on the last day of 2011 our daughter made a new friend at the park. She went to a glow in the dark dance party at Bounce U.¬† You’re supposed to bounce in all of the bounce houses, but they played GaGa and Read more ..

  • November 18, 2011

She’s 23 months old. Did I mention that? When I took these pictures and loaded them up I almost fell over. Who the hell is this??? If it’s too hard to watch, I fully understand. Cover your eyes, that’s what I do.     See that face above? She started getting mad about the whole Read more ..

My Mother In Law sent these photos from NC and I really really think they capture the tiny tornado that is my child. I feel like the photo above really captures her appetite for all things food and drink. While the next photo (below) really says… I am in charge and all of you are Read more ..

This past week we had a much needed break from the summer heat with the arrival of Auntie Erin. (That shadowy figure is Erin waiting for the subway) Erin and I have been best friends since we were 6 years old- and along with Nora the three of us are quite a team. Through the Read more ..

I finally got Sunny back in the chair for a few quick shots last week- marking her 19th month on this Earth. But first, a look back at 13 months old- when she was a better model and I was a better photographer. As she has aged, so have our chair pics- which seem a Read more ..

This was supposed to be a post about Sunny’s new boo-boo, but tonight a little intruder intruded on our evening. HUMPH! (see pic below) Yep that’s her alright. Her name is Moos’ Baby and she is 100% available for adoption. Back this winter there was a giant fat black and white cat who Sunny and Read more ..

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted about Sunny’s PASSION? This holiday weekend we got a little taste of all that passion. Thank you Lord for a good camera and a fast trigger finger. Watch the magic unfold before you’re eyes and just imagine all of this PASSION with high pitched screaming…. I really Read more ..

Do you guys remember the tv show¬† In Living Color? Remember when they would do the skit called Men On Books? They would say the famous phrase…HATED IT!!! And then they’d snap they’re fingers in a circular motion…remember? That was sort of how Sunday sounded here in NYC. Sunny had her first swim lesson of Read more ..