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This afternoon at the grocery store a woman with a tiny baby approached Sunny and I. She complimented Sunny calling her a beautiful little boy. Boy…she's a GIRL!!!!! I forgave the mistake, not correcting her, but then she went on and on saying "what a BIG boy you are! Oh, so healthy!" BIG? BOY? My Read more ..

Yesterday was Sunny's 7th Month Birthday. I take a photo of her in her rocking chair every month and yesterday was no exception…even though she is still super sick.  Every other month I have had to prop Sunny up with blankets or her stuffed animal Donkey, but this month Sunny held herself in position and Read more ..

When Sunny was an infant and she couldn't sleep at night we would call it "Club Gracen." I'm not sure what to call it when she can't sleep all night because she is teething and has a fever of 101 and is hot all over, and pulling on me and only happy when she is Read more ..

Today marks the first day of Sunny's new life. Last night and over this past weekend, Matt put away most of her "baby" things and replaced them with big girl things. We no longer have a "Bimbo" seat, we have a high chair. We no longer have a infant tub, we have a "ducky tub," Read more ..

This weekend was Sunny's first swim lesson! I loved it, Sunny… liked it…we think.  Here's the thing about my Sunshine girl, she has a way of looking bored even when she should be having fun. I will not teach her what most girls learn, to smile even when she isn't happy.    I will instead Read more ..

I am the proud mother of a giant child. Sunny had her 6 month check up last night and to no ones surprise she is a giant! Sunny now weighs 18lbs and is 28 inches long! For those of us with no MD degree this makes her 80% in weight and 97% in height!!!!  How Read more ..

According to my friend Mother Goose, my rug post this morning was "boring." Apparently Mother Goose speaks for all of my blog readers, sorry to have bored you all. I couldn't post this morning because Matt and I had the horrendous experience of taking Sunny for her 6 month pictures at…I almost can't say it…Sears. Read more ..

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