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  • November 13, 2013

I said “Goodnight. I love you SOOOOOOOOOO much.” She replied, “I  LOVE YOU SO BIG, MAMA.” I said, “You love me so big?” She replied, “Like a kite.” The moments that define her are small; it’s their effect that’s enormous.

I will let the following photos speak for themselves- but lets just say this years trip to the pumpkin patch was a small disaster. Let me set the scene for you:  80 degrees with 1 child in a wool sweater and the other with no shoes or socks, no water or snacks, a few wrong Read more ..

I must have ordered her out of  a some sort of a girl catalogue. Girl, check. Loves pink, check. Begs to go to Ballet Class, check. Tu-tu’s, princess obsessed, cupcake loving, maternal- check, check, and check. A little emotionally unstable, totally challenging, calls em’ like she see’s em’- yep that too. Sassy. Frilly. Energetic. Daddy Read more ..

I was just telling a friend today how this summer feels like it never happened. I do my best to remain present in every situation but I have failed miserably at that, at times. What I’m good at is cleaning grass off of baby bottoms, zipping up princess dresses, and finding creative ways to play Read more ..


She’s mine. All mine. And I share her with our community, and her brother, and my husband, and the world. She likes her nails painted pink with hearts. She wears a tiara most of the time. She can name EVERY SINGLE PRINCESS and has never seen a princess movie ( with the exception of Cinderella.) Read more ..

Dear Sunshine, Today was your last dance class of the season. It was more than that I’m afraid, it was the last “slow dance” you and I will have together at ballet. You see at the end of each class Miss Connie, your teacher, allows each of the Mama’s to pick up our child and Read more ..

I used to call you bossy, now I say “you show leadership skills.” I used to think the world revolved around just you, now I know it revolves around just you and just your brother. If it ever seems like something, anything, is bigger than you I’m sorry…If I ever seem preoccupied know I’m trying Read more ..

This weekend was Sunshine’s first broadway show! Her Godmother invited us to see Mary Poppins, and though I was nervous to see how Sunny would react to such a BIG SHOW in a SMALL theatre with ADULTS who paid GOOD money for a BIG show, she did AWESOME. She loved the show! Totally “got” the Read more ..

I love both of my children equally. It should be said that for as much as I adore these little  monsters creatures Matt has particularly benefited from the birth of our daughter. Last night I witnessed Sunshine’s first panic attack. Matt has been at work all week. The last time I physically saw him was Read more ..