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A few weeks back I stole a Saturday and drove out to the country to take Gracie’s Fall Photos, for this years Christmas card. She was a good sport and a sweet little model- while I dragged her form one side of the farm to the other.   I’m not sure which picture will make Read more ..

  • September 26, 2014

  I believe each year I get luckier, somehow. Spending my birthday with these two guys, was a special treat. This whole week has been spectacular. My friends have showered me with flowers, brunch dates, and endless texts and phone calls. If mine were a life worth measuring, and I believe it is, I’d have Read more ..

  • September 8, 2014

The kids and I took one final summer vacation to South Carolina. We were in pursuit of some extra sun and sand and pool time.  We got that, and then some.  A plane ride ( with one lay over), two kids, and no help is challenging- but it isn’t impossible. The kids are pros at Read more ..

Last week we spent the week in Ohio visiting family and friends. Possibly the prettiest thing about Ohio is its wide open spaces. Most of the time my kids don’t mind being photographed, but they HATE being asked to sit together and take a picture. I have often thought of changing the name of this Read more ..

And…we’re back.  Where were we? Oh right! Family Vacation Part II, or as I like to call it- Sunshine’s Photo Session. The Cape May Zoo is literally the coolest zoo I’ve ever visited. The kids loved it- even though it was pouring rain! Sunny called it the rain forest-  very clever. This is a very Read more ..

For the longest time we’ve been taking family vacations with our extended family. We love our family, and love vacationing with them, but it became increasingly important to me to take a vacation that was just us. We had a few rules: 1. Must be within driving distance 2. Must be kid/family friendly 3. Must Read more ..

Sunny had been begging to go to the NJ State Fair and I so wanted to take her, BUT, I really didn’t think that her little brother could handle the crowds or heat. After days of pleading I finally settled on a family trip to Central Park where the AMAZING Victoria Gardens is located. Have Read more ..

My baby girl has one more year of pre-school (thanks to a late birthday) but I was beaming like it was her high school graduation when she took the stage to perform with all of her classmates. I can’t believe these little people are SO big! We’re never without Elizabeth and Abigail. Whenever they’re together Read more ..

It’s important to get out and enjoy the fresh air while we can. Here are the rest of my pictures from our day in Liberty State Park and Hoboken. This 9/11 Memorial is among my favorite photographs. There’s also an abandoned train lot- Saint’s favorite thing on Earth is trains. So this photo seems so Read more ..

Our weekend was packed with family fun time. My kids are getting pretty used to me chasing them around with a camera. We headed to Liberty State Park so I could practice my photo skills. More of these to come- but how cool is our city? It’s even more beautiful form the Jersey side #justsayin’ Read more ..