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This weekend my brother Chris, his fiance JC and I launched our new family business.    They are a creative pair, and I have a backyard, so we thought…why not? We started small, with my coffee table and an oak bench from my hallway.  They're pretty fly, if I do say so myself… "After" shots Read more ..

I took Sunny to the park yesterday. We discovered over the weekend that she is now big enough to swing in the bucket swings. While we were there another little girl about 2 years old begged her Father to put her in the swing too. He did. Then he proceeded to give her an "under Read more ..

This weekend Matt, Gracie ( Sunny), Mother Dear, Goose and I were supposed to go to pick berries and pet animals at this farm. Sadly, Mother Dear called me on Sunday morning and gave me the sad sad news that it was going to Thunderstorm all day and it would probably be best that we Read more ..

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