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The Best Family Photography Locations In New Jersey I’m often asked what the best family photography locations in New Jersey are. While I travel all around our great state for family photography sessions, there are a few locations that I come back to again and again. These are locations that I can always peg for Read more ..

Hilton Head Family Vacation Welcome to part 2 of our Hilton Head Family Vacation! We headed to Beaufort, South Carolina because I had read in Southern Living Magazine that it was named the small town in the South. While I thought Beaufort was lovely, I’d give that distinct title and crown to Old Town Bluffton, Read more ..

Hilton Head Island Vacation Part 1 It’s taken me awhile to edit down 300+ vacation photos, but here is part 1 of our Hilton Head Island Vacation! My parents live in South Carolina, which means that spring break is an escape from NJ’s dreary spring time weather. We only visit once a year thanks to Read more ..

Top 5 Tips For Great Snow Day Photos! As winter being to say it’s goodbyes, you might be wishing you had photographed your family playing in the snow. As my friend Jordan shared with me recently, winter is where children’s memories of home, are made. The first few times I tried photographing my kids in Read more ..

NJ Portrait Photographer. I was recently speaking with a friend about the fact that my oldest is never home anymore. She is 7. It’s that tricky age where she’s not big enough to be a tween, but too old to be a baby. We’ve have reached child status. For a really long time I never Read more ..

This girl chose her own outfit and shoot location this year for her seven year old photos. Grace has been my practice baby in every single way possible. Over the years she has learned to smile on demand, lower her chin, wiggle her head, run with her arms out- all in the pursuit of photo Read more ..

I have often spoken about how Little Love Stories is my dream come true. I am constantly amazed that I get to be a photographer and filmmaker. It isn’t that I haven’t earned it, I have, it’s more that I am grossly aware that most people do not get to make a living doing the Read more ..

I don’t make New Years Resolutions. Generally speaking I’m doing my very best to keep my head above the water, remember the moments that are great and beautiful with my kids, and be as positive as possible day in and day out. I fail, often, and most of those items- but I try. I really Read more ..

I’ve read and looked at some inspiring photography over the past few months. Some of the most amazing photos come from creatives who simply captured the mundane, the everyday, of their lives. I don’t have it in me to take a photograph- a -day, at the moment; I do however have a goal of documenting Read more ..

This week marked Sunny’s ballet review. She’s been taking ballet for about 2 years, and every review I am more impressed with the effort these little ones put into their work. To give you a frame of reference, here is a picture from Gracie’s review when she was two years old. (you can follow us Read more ..