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I don’t know how this happened. Or rather I do know. I do know how this happened. Every time the good Lord above hands me a new delicious newborn I think two things, 1. Oh! There you are. I’ve been waiting for you! and 2. Please don’t grow up. Then I think that over and Read more ..

This weekend marked Leighton’s Baptism. We were excited to welcome both sides of our family to town and christen Leighton into our faith. Matt’s sister’s served as her Godmothers and My brother an his husband, her Godfathers.   Leighton’s christening was the most special because it was the first time Matt and I could look Read more ..

Long before I had Leighton, I was planning out her newborn photos. Of course in my mind they were all going to be extreme examples of what I would love to do with clients babies but was too afraid to try. However being just one week postpartum I had to simplify my ideas. I ended Read more ..

  Forgive me while I indulge in this baby love joy for just a little while longer. I want to remember ever moment of these first few weeks with Leighton. I realize time and reality are both working against me. Leighton’s birth was impossibly awful. Like the stuff nightmares are made of- but  how quickly Read more ..

You aren’t late- but you certainly are taking your time to make your way into this world. I’m giant and swollen and our family life sort of feels on hold, since you seem to start and stop your arrival into this world often. I do my very best not to wish away days, be them Read more ..

I’m happy to announce that we’re expecting baby #3 this summer. We’re over the moon with excitement and joy. This little one is already kicking and making its presence known. I’ve started a personal project, that I’m calling The Door Project. It features me in front of the door, that will become the babies room. Read more ..