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God help the woman who marries my sweet baby boy. This is what I think nearly 10 times a day, Saint. At 9 months you are a curious little somebody, eating twigs, leaves, bananas, and watermelon ( mostly). You are clingy like a koala bear, I often call you Monkey Man, because you refuse to Read more ..

(My titles for these post are getting cuter by the day- a quit, calm down Matt Willoughby I know it’s acquit, I looked it up) Oh what a week it’s been, and yes I’m fully aware it’s only Tuesday. So, Saint doesn’t sleep in his crib at night, like ever. I’m thinking it might be Read more ..

8 MONTHS I could have posted a billion different photos to symbolize you at 8 months Saint, but none of them would have captured you quite like the one I took of you this morning in our bed. At 8 months you love your sister, Bob Marley, and  every food imaginable. You clap, wave (not Read more ..

  • February 20, 2013

 Saint had his very first fever this weekend. It’s sad when any baby is sick- sadder when it’s your happiest baby. Since he doesn’t cry- to hear him cry and whine and fight sleep all night long, was a first for us. We haven’t spent a night trapped in our room with a crying, sick Read more ..

Dear Saint, You’re 6 months old! Can you believe it? I can’t, but I should seeing as how I brought you into this world just 6 months ago. I’m sure by the time your sister was 6 months, I had written her countless of open letters. I’m sure they said things like Gracie, you are Read more ..

  • December 20, 2012

He’s a fat, juicy, wonderfully pink, chubby baby boy. That is all.

Dear Time, I will never ever, ever, ever be okay with you stealing my babies and turning them into “real” people. Kindly release them from your grip and keep them small forever. As you may already know, this week Gracen turns 3 & Jude turns 5 months old. How could you do this to me? I’ll Read more ..

  • November 29, 2012

Dear Saint,   Today you rolled over for the first time. You rolled from your belly to your back and the look of pure joy on your face was worth the risk of letting you do it.  Like most things with you, there is no extreme, there is just you. I marvel at how happy Read more ..

We took our little Saint to church, and let the waters run over him.  We probably should have asked the Priest to run some waters back over Sunny who was a bit confused as to whose “big day” it actually was. Here I am trying to keep her together… Meanwhile back at the house Chris Read more ..

Hey Jude, This past weekend was your welcoming party and Christening; how proud Daddy and I were, to present you to our friends and family. It took a small village to pull off a Saturday night BBQ and an early Sunday morning Christening and Brunch- but rising to the occasion is something we’ve managed to Read more ..