Bucket List, Featured In First Magazine

Do you have a bucket list?  I have a small but ever growing one myself. One of my bucket list items is to be featured in a national magazine. Now I will tell you that if I were being more specific this item would read more like, I’m featured in O magazine as the greatest documentary editor of all time and the photo would be me standing with Saint on my hip and Sunny right next to me. The title would read meet Stephanie Willoughby- mother of two, CEO of Little Love Stories, Greatest editor of all time. How Does She Do It???!!!

First Magazine Cover

As luck would have it O magazine hasn’t called yet- however First magazine did. And while this feature has little to do with me as an editor or mother, it does count as 1. A feature and 2. A possibly very embarrassing spread about my  ( ahem) chest.  So naturally this is how my bucket list item looks in real life.

First Magazine Photo Scan #2

Thankfully I have the wonderful ability to laugh at myself and get a real kick out of seeing myself and my…assets on full display for the entire world to see. Let this be a lesson to you all- be sure to be very specific about the direction you want your life to take or you too can end up in a national magazine with a title that reads ” Fix East/ West Breast.” I have to say, even though I don’t love the subject I really did love getting my makeup done , my hair straightened, and getting to wear push up bras with chicken cutlets. I celebrate all victories, even the slightly off topic ones. And yes, I will for sure be framing this in putting it up in my office. This way as my children grow up I can show it to their friends. They will love that! Maybe it can hang next to my O magazine spread someday? Maybe that spread will now read: I started from the bottom



In other news my in laws dropped in for a last minute visit this weekend, which is a good thing because I got the stomach flu. How lovely. I did manage to snap a few pics of Sunny in my sicken stupor.


Every time I see this pic of her with the naked Barbies I crack up. If you only knew just how many hours of my life has been spent with half naked Barbies. Oh, its a memory that only a girl, her best friend, and her sexually confused brother can share. Good times.


My Sunny girl is getting so big. I can’t even handle how much I love 4. Four is the answer. Four is the goal. Four is the best. She’s amazing, I adore her, and I’m sorry for all the mean thoughts I might have had when she was 18months-3.9 years old.  I read all of these articles that are titled “What I tell my daughter about beauty” or “A Dad’s letter to his future 22 year old daughter”  and they’re all so sweet- but I have to tell you I pray that I never have to read advice on how to tell my daughter about her beauty. The bottom line is this- sometimes you set out to be featured in a national magazine so you can promote your business and talk about motherhood, and instead you become the lady with East/West boobs. And no it’s not glamourous, and no it’s not related to what you do, or who you are at all- but you extract the humor out of your truth and you rock it. If someday my Sunshine girl, you grow up and you watch an ad that tells you straight hair is more beautiful or chin dimples are out- then my advice is to turn off the tv, turn your head to the heavens and thank God for your adoring mother whose humor is her beauty.  Don’t be like the rest of them Darling, be much much better.



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