Last night while I was channel surfing I stumbled upon a new Planet Green Network reality series entitled "The Fabulous Beekman Boys." I watched 30 seconds and immediately called my brother. Well, in truth I watched 30 seconds and had Matt find his cell phone, and call my brother, and then give me the phone….because Read more ..

Kate Spade made a necklace for my girl! Wasn't that so nice of her? Oh Sunny, I'll have to buy this one just for you! The morning I gave birth to Sunny, Matt gave me my "G" necklace. Now every night while I nurse her she holds on to it for security. I  have a Read more ..

Sunny is teething. Last night I thought I felt the sharp sting of one tiny baby tooth peaking above the surface. I asked Matt to shove his finger in her mouth and confirm that Sunny does in fact have a tiny tooth emerging. The conclusion? Our baby is sprouting her first tooth. The issue? It's Read more ..

Today is my last day on 10 Grand In Your Hand, a DIY show I have been Post Supervisor on for the last 2 months. This was my first gig back since having Sunny and I have enjoyed my time as a working Mama so much, in large part to the amazing people I work Read more ..

The newest issue of Lonny Mag is out and oh its so worth the wait! It makes me wish my house looked like this…. It would be equally as lovely if my bedroom looked like this…

We made it! Sunny is 6 months old!  Since she was a wee 30 days old I've been taking a series of pictures of Sunny in her rocking chair, and my how she has grown.. 1 month… 3 months…. 6 months!  Oh how I love that smile! Happy (half) birthday Sunny!!!

Mother Dear sent me the story below in an email this morning. I couldn't resist posting it. To know Mother Dear is to love her. She has a million rules…no tv, no juice, no McDonalds..her little Goose has some rules too, namely challenge Mother Dear in every way possible. I actually took Goose to Max Read more ..

This weekend Matt, Gracie ( Sunny), Mother Dear, Goose and I were supposed to go to pick berries and pet animals at this farm. Sadly, Mother Dear called me on Sunday morning and gave me the sad sad news that it was going to Thunderstorm all day and it would probably be best that we Read more ..

I want to stop. I do. I truly do. I want to hear her cry from that crib and leave her in there to cry, but my heart intervenes every single night.  Gracen has not slept one full night in her crib since she was born. She has slept next to Matt and I in Read more ..

I have a best friend who should be a professor and published author, instead she's a corporate attorney, go figure…In any case this best friend who we shall call Mother Dear is the"Mama" to my favorite 2 year old, who we shall call Goose.  You'll see Mother Dear's post here as often as possible. She's Read more ..

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