I want to stop. I do. I truly do. I want to hear her cry from that crib and leave her in there to cry, but my heart intervenes every single night.  Gracen has not slept one full night in her crib since she was born. She has slept next to Matt and I in Read more ..

I have a best friend who should be a professor and published author, instead she's a corporate attorney, go figure…In any case this best friend who we shall call Mother Dear is the"Mama" to my favorite 2 year old, who we shall call Goose.  You'll see Mother Dear's post here as often as possible. She's Read more ..

So this is the story of my little girls first pair of shoes. Matt & I went to the doctor at 16 weeks, she announced "It looks like you're having a girl." I went back to my office and promptly ordered these… They are completely impractical for a newborn, I have no idea if or Read more ..

I do not bake. Correction I bake one cake. It's my "go-to" cake. It's delicious and refreshing, and one of the greatest things I've ever eaten. I'd love to pass this off as a family recipe but I come from a long line of non bakers, we stick with the pros when it comes to Read more ..

We had a camera when I was pregnant. A pink Sony Cyber- Shot, it was fine but we wanted better. At the time we were taking weekly photos of my expanding belly and noticing that while cute" and "functional"  it didn't give us that HD we might be professional photographers and you just don't know Read more ..

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