My baby girl has one more year of pre-school (thanks to a late birthday) but I was beaming like it was her high school graduation when she took the stage to perform with all of her classmates.

Gracie white dress 3 Gracie in whites dress 2

I can’t believe these little people are SO big!

girls grads2

Gracie & girls grads

We’re never without Elizabeth and Abigail. Whenever they’re together they hug, they kiss, and they love each other so much! AND as Devon (their mother) likes to say- they fight like sisters. If ever you’re looking for me this summer or you know…ever, I’m with these beautiful people at any local park that has a water feature.

Girls of Summer

Elizabeth round and round 2

kids of summer

There’s a very good chance Saint is going to have a way with the ladies. There is also a good chance he will run away from any woman screaming with his hands covering his ears.  The amount of estrogen surrounding this little man on a daily basis is actually, scarey. Thankfully for him, the littlest girl (Nat-Nat) is tough as nails and laughs at all his stupid human tricks. They’re best buddies.

Natalie 1

It doesn’t hurt that she’s up and walking now. Every time Saint and Nat see each other they hold hands and chase one another around in circles. It’s ridiculously cute. And though she’s the size of a tiny bird (seriously she’s mini) she can hold her own with my boy- BUT always looks like a classy lady. She’ll make you want 20 little girls I tell you- she’s dangerous!

Natalie Sunglasses 2

I really think our big girls need their own Facebook page.  They’re taking over me and Devon’s pages and they’re only four! We’re documenting their friendship, while creating a beautiful friendship of our own. It’s really special. I’m very lucky.

Gracen & Twins Hoboken

Girls Hoboken

In case you’re wondering Sunny wedges herself in the middle for every single picture. Always. When she was three she used to tell people “I have twins!” Now she just pretends to be their triplet. The girls don’t seem to mind and never correct her. They’re such sweethearts. I’ve always wanted three girls.


I had the pleasure of photographing The Loving Family, (that’s seriously their name, how awesome is that!?!) in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Loving Family Photo 1 LLSW

Back when we lived in Brooklyn, Maura and her son Timmy were in a playgroup with Sunshine and I and so much has changed for both of our families since that time. Maura wanted a photography shoot right in the heart of Brooklyn to commemorate their time there as a family of four. I love this picture below of Timmy, who was such a great sport during our shoot.

Timmy LLSW

These two cutie pies were so sweet and so happy to be out in the sunshine.

Kids in grass

M & Timmy LLSW

Loving Family B&W LLSW

Brooklyn’s finest, indeed.

Loving Family Photo 2 LLSW

A special thanks to The Loving Family for having me!



Over the weekend I had the great pleasure of photographing, The Franco Family, in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

IMG_8233 W

CCP Family 1 W

CCP Family #2 W

I am in love with their beautiful little baby Paloma, and Leela ( their puppy) is an awesome big sister.

Paloma & Leela 1 W

Paloma & Leela #2 W


The amount of cuteness in these photos is just too much to handle.

Paloma B&W w Paloma 1 W

Paloma & DaddyW


CCP #3 W


I think it’s really important to photograph Dad’s being Dad’s and Mama’s being Mama’s. How often do you get to see yourself in action? It’s also nice to see the way your baby looks at you while you’re busy being their amazing parent(s).

Carol & Paloma B&W W

Carol & Paloma 3 W

Carol & Paloma 2 W


A million thank you’s to the Franco Family for having me.

Carol Family B&W 1 W

Anyone looking to hang out with Baby Paloma and Leela, will have to get in line behind me :) They’re so delicious!

Paloma 1 W

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Gracie With ballon

I had the great pleasure of photographing 4 families in Brooklyn Bridge Park this past weekend. I quickly snapped this picture of my Sunshine Girl after a long morning of shooting. She’s exactly 4 and a half years old. It’s likely I would have forgotten that she loves to wear 5 bracelets at a time, or that she wears them as earrings. I might have forgotten that purple is her favorite color or that Brooklyn’s her favorite place, except for this photo to remind me.



Summer is just getting started and we’ve already had our first trip to the ER, due to Matt and his sprained ankle. Saint LOVED the ER where he was treated to chips and stickers and sweet nurses who kept telling him just how “cute” he was- there was also a giant flat screened tv.

photo 1

If I was picking a title for this ext photo it would be JOY.

photo 2

photo 3


photo 1

We updated the chalk board wall(s). The other wall reads HEY JUDE!  If you’re considering chalk board for your home I highly recommend it. My kids have never tried to draw on a non chalk board wall, it cleans up easily, and I think it’s helping them better express themselves.  The saying quote above her name reads “Esse quam videri” (translated) TO BE RATHER THAN TO SEEM TO BE. One of my all time favorite quotes, I repeat it to myself 3


And that was the face Saint made after he spilled my wine all over the coffee table. He’s very into throwing things and tipping over anything with liquid in it. That little monster has had more time outs this past week then Sunny has had in her entire life.

photo 4

Happy Monday to you. Here’s to splash parks and sunshine.