Of all of the things I’m most proud of in this life, it’s the relationship between my children. They are the very best of friends, and though they do disagree on occasion, most of my day is spent watching them play. When we drop Sunny off at school, the little guy cries out for her. “Sissy. Where Sissy go?” And when, at the end of the day, we pick her up he exclaims “Sissy! I here! I miss you!” When we take her to dance he presses his face up against the two way mirror, three tiny matchbox cars in hand, starring, watching, shouting “Sissy!!!!” So much of his life will be spent chasing her from one activity to another, until his activities finally outweigh hers. Where she walks, he follows. Who she loves, he loves too. What she says, goes. I do believe his “Sissy” is the most influential person in his life. I couldn’t have predicted this. I couldn’t have known that my children would be soul mates, but I should have guessed it. I do feel a little like the main character in The Notebook, when at the end of the book she finally realizes she only has moments to enjoy being back in her normal state. How much time do we have? That is to say, how long until the fights start, and the I hate you’s begin, and the get out of my rooms take over? I have made a conscious choice to enjoy this, for as long as we’ve got.


IMG_4368I had a wonderful time photographing the Acquaviva Family, this past weekend. It’s a very lucky day when you get to combine your work with your friends.  It’s even more lucky when you get to photograph identical twins, who happen to be as sweet as they are cute.

IMG_4282 IMG_4215

twins 1 CollageWe photographed the family in the warm evening light, on the farm where Devon grew up.

IMG_4554 IMG_4455 IMG_4293Nat-Nat, is the littlest of this group- she’s also the most mighty.

IMG_4380 IMG_4150 IMG_4173 IMG_4320 IMG_4136twins 2 CollageI love #fallphotos to begin with, but throw in a central jersey farm and I think the feeling that I’m feeling is love.

IMG_4262 IMG_4115 IMG_4101 IMG_4105 IMG_4540 IMG_4464 IMG_4513 IMG_4131 IMG_4517 IMG_4345 IMG_4385 IMG_4291 D&G CollageIMG_4314 IMG_4293 2A very special thank you to the Acquaviva’s for having me.


Gracie Fall 1

A few weeks back I stole a Saturday and drove out to the country to take Gracie’s Fall Photos, for this years Christmas card. She was a good sport and a sweet little model- while I dragged her form one side of the farm to the other.IMG_3007 IMG_3072 IMG_3093 IMG_3096 IMG_3097 IMG_3106 IMG_3108 IMG_3119


I’m not sure which picture will make the card this year- but I cherish these photos of her so much. She’s somewhere between toddlerhood and womanhood and it’s my favorite phase so far. Gracie Fall 3

IMG_3159 IMG_3173 IMG_3177 IMG_3174 IMG_3185

I can tell you this next one is closest to my heart at the moment…



IMG_3189 IMG_3186 IMG_3190 IMG_3197 IMG_3249 IMG_3252 IMG_3254 IMG_3261 IMG_3266 IMG_3304 IMG_3320 IMG_3309 IMG_3308 IMG_3321 IMG_3271


A special thanks to my favorite four year old for all of her help and sweetness.  

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I had the extreme pleasure to produce and edit Brennan + Danielle’s Wedding Film.

B&D First Look 1

D&B Blessing D&B Walk Away

I hope you all enjoy their trailer as much as I have enjoyed editing it.

While working on my photography and films I often find myself trying to walk away with a feeling, rather than a single goal. I often know when shooting photographs or editing films, when I’ve hit that thin red line that connects each of us (emotionally) to one another. It doesn’t happen every day, but when it does it feels a lot like…love. For those of you looking for a little inspiration, I find Ira Glass very helpful.


Congratulations Brennan & Danielle. Thank you for choosing Little Love Stories to capture your best day.


My brother, Christopher Statham, is by profession a fashion designer. He designs for Ann Taylor. Many of you reading this are likely wearing his designs right now or have them hanging in your closet, rotating his work during your work week.

He’s just launched his illustration work, for print, for stationary, &  for commissioned projects.

img_1052 img_1084 img_1105 img_1132


I had the great pleasure of photographing his work and creating a video for his store open.

I am always proud of my Brother and his husband JC. I love and adore them with all of my heart, and I know you will get to know them through their work on the new site.

Congratulations Statham Inc.