When you live away from your family, you create a family with the people around you. We are very lucky to have my brother and JC just a few miles up the road, and we are luckier still to have JC’s parents and sister in the New York area. They come down to New Jersey for frequent visits; fixing what needs to be fixed, sharing a meal, stories, and the stress of planning a wedding. For Matt, myself, and the kids they are our family too; the  excitement of Jodi’s engagement is our excitement too. That’s what family is right? It’s the people who cheer the loudest, who share in your happiness, and who attack you with kisses and hugs when you walk through the door. They also happen to be the people you can be yourself with, without explanation.

untitled-8168 untitled-8174 untitled-8187 I was very lucky to photograph the energy that is my sister-in-law Jodi and her (soon to be) husband Adam. They make the worlds greatest cookies, give the worlds BEST hugs, and every time I see them I never want them to leave.


untitled-8193 untitled-8217 untitled-8219 untitled-8222 untitled-8257 untitled-8277 untitled-8304untitled-8306untitled-8314 untitled-8319 untitled-8337 untitled-8346 untitled-8350 untitled-8351 untitled-8360 untitled-8362untitled-8411 copy

untitled-8423 untitled-8442 untitled-8443 untitled-8446 untitled-8493 untitled-8506Matt helped me build my own photo booth. You need a guy like Matt on your team when you have a mind that moves as quickly as mine. I’m always coming up with off the wall ideas with no means to execute them. Matt will listen to these ideas and then he makes stuff happen. I love that about him. And I LOVE these confetti photos!


untitled-8513 untitled-8518 untitled-8562 untitled-8568untitled-8573

untitled-8574 untitled-8580 untitled-8587 untitled-8594 untitled-8600 untitled-8608 untitled-8618 untitled-8622 untitled-8630 untitled-8636 untitled-8639 untitled-8669 untitled-8692 untitled-8712 untitled-8747 untitled-8771 untitled-8831 untitled-8837 untitled-8846A special thanks to Jodi & Adam for having me. I love our little family, and I love you both with all my heart.




I’m very fortunate to have gotten to photograph this beautiful family in Verona Park, on one of the coldest days of this fall. Thankfully they’re true professionals and made it look easy to be out in the elements! Not only did Kristen & Ryan rally, little Griffin was a true champ and tiny ham! This kiddo is as charming as he is cute; he gets it from his parents.untitled-6065 untitled-6081 untitled-6091 untitled-6105 untitled-6113 untitled-6123 untitled-6133 untitled-6135 untitled-6158 untitled-6184 untitled-6222 untitled-6242 untitled-6248 untitled-6281 Kristen & Ryan C1 untitled-6041 untitled-6047 untitled-6081 untitled-6112 untitled-6142 untitled-6184 untitled-6242 untitled-6300A very special thank you to the Sturt Family for choosing Little Love Stories to capture their #fallphotos.


The love and support shown to me by my friends and their families, and friends of my friends, and family  of those friends- has made this #fallphoto season my most favorite time of the year. I wish it were possible for each one of you to meet this awesome family. With any luck you’ll be buying a ticket to see them on tour as a four man show.B&W fmaily 2 They are that talented, that funny, and that wonderful. These photos were some of the easiest to edit because, as I told them, they’re lit from within. I couldn’t believe the deep rich colors we got during an early morning photo shoot at a local dead train track and garden.Color Family 1 color family 2 H&S 1 Holden untitled-5140 untitled-5194 untitled-5305American Gothic anyone? Who does that? Who sees a pitch fork and immediately thinks of a famous painting at 8:00am? They do. It’s their magic. When you’re around Michele and Stan your belly will hurt and your eyes will tear, from laughter. You’re heart will be full and your spirit will be happy and you’ll want to take them wherever you go.

untitled-5488 untitled-5595 untitled-5183 untitled-5247 untitled-5267 untitled-5396 untitled-5560 untitled-5584Thank goodness for these  sweet souls. I’m so lucky to know you and to have gotten to capture your perfection.untitled-5481


This Halloween I crafted a plan to have all of my friends come to our home and celebrate the holiday in style; and by style I mean bring Pinterest related items. It got stressful, I’m not gonna lie. I know Mom’s who make their kids costumes and bake their own desserts and craft special games. We created a Pinterest page and there might have been a few moments of regret- BUT it was so worth it.

untitled-5972This is our tiniest Anna.

untitled-5971 Saint was Capt’n Hook, and by God if he wasn’t made for that costume. Just picture the most demanding man in the world in a smoking jacket with a giant hat and sword. It’s so much easier to boss people around when you look the part.IMG_5902This cutie pie was an Angel. And she is an angel, so it was the perfect costume for her.

IMG_6000And here’s a tiny Olaf. Olaf in a tutu. So cute!

IMG_5876 IMG_5890 IMG_5891I have no formal pictures of my kids in their costumes, because I was too busy party planning and socializing. So I present to you Cinderella! She will continue to be a Ppincess as long as they continue make princess costumes in her size.

IMG_5899 IMG_5904 IMG_5913I wish I had a full shot of our dining room with all these great treats spread out on the table, but we’ll have to settle for these pictures. How awesome are the women I know? They’re so awesome.

IMG_5928 IMG_5938

IMG_5930 IMG_5931 IMG_5934 IMG_5935Here’s a close up of my spider webbing with the tiny mice I bought and trapped in the webbing. Is that a thing? If it isn’t it should be. They’re so creepy.

IMG_5937A tiny Ninja Turtle.

IMG_5952 IMG_5943 IMG_5947 IMG_5948 IMG_5957 IMG_5959 IMG_5960There were games for the kids too. Sadly no one got to bob for apples because we had to toss the bucket of water when Saint obsessively started splashing it and pretending it was summer time again. This kid and water- maybe he’ll be a marine biologist? Or……a dolphin trainer. We’ll see.

IMG_5963Matt was a lumberjack. His fake ax was inside in house.

IMG_5977 IMG_5981My friend Lynn made these scary boxes which the little boys LOVED. They had all sorts of gross things inside! And below is the doughnut game. The kids had to chew the doughnuts off of the rope- but Saint took a bite out of each one and then no one else wanted to play and so he ate all of the doughnuts.

IMG_5994 IMG_5997 IMG_6004A great time was had by all. A special thanks to all of the my fantastic neighbors and friends for a memorable Halloween. We Pinterested the heck out of this Holiday!


This weekend we finally got around to taking both of the kids to the pumpkin patch.

untitled-5666 untitled-5669 untitled-5675

It’s brilliant to watch little kids pet donkey’s and squeal over hay rides. They believe all farms have cute little baby animals who eat carrots and love humans. It’s all very clean and cute.

untitled-5681 untitled-5709

I’m not sure Saint was as impressed as Sunny, but generally speaking he looks to her to see how he should feel about most things. This includes but is not limited to- travel, school work, books, dinner, and strangers.


untitled-5787 untitled-5729

untitled-5769 untitled-5773

They were good sports about letting me steal some photos of them- which is a never ending experiment that they’ve adjusted to over time. Not a moment of their life can go by without a camera in their face. I assume this is true for most kids of this generation, the difference is their parents probably aren’t asking them to explore an abandoned corn field because the lighting is so pretty.

untitled-5767 untitled-5766 untitled-5762 untitled-5749 untitled-5757

I find that at this age Sunny is a lot more cooperative than her brother. She’s more likely to pose or point out to me how beautiful the light is. I do very much love this about my girl. This is why you’ll see more posed photos of Sunny than Saint. I try to keep it equal, but it often isn’t.

untitled-5739 untitled-5799 untitled-5803

This season of life is a lot of fun. Sunny is excited for Halloween and Saint is excited, because Sunny tells him to be.



This is how Saint dances, in case you were wondering.



He was dancing because we told him he could have apple cider doughnuts…



untitled-5817 untitled-5816

The boy loves sugar.

Meanwhile….back at our house, Sunny and I had an impromptu  photo shoot.


If you’re considering family photos, aim for evening light. It’s soft and beautiful and makes everything and everyone look very whimsical. (A flowered headband doesn’t hurt either)

untitled-5844 untitled-5846 untitled-5854 untitled-5855 untitled-5857 untitled-5859 untitled-5860 untitled-5861


Happy (almost) Halloween. #fallphotos