I’m happy to announce that we’re expecting baby #3 this summer. We’re over the moon with excitement and joy. This little one is already kicking and making its presence known. I’ve started a personal project, that I’m calling The Door Project. It features me in front of the door, that will become the babies room. Read more ..

Hello and Welcome! If you’re viewing this blog post then you’ll noticed we’ve  moved to a bigger and better space. Can’t you feel the difference? Look at this breathing room? If this website were a house, this would be the part where I show you that I can stretch my out my arms and not Read more ..

I have a boy. A typical dirt loving, car digging, engine roaring, messy, stinky, 2 year old boy. No way would I ever have seen myself with such a creature! But here I am the Mama to a smelly little boy who manages to get more food in his hair than he does in his Read more ..

This past weekend, and week, have been pretty busy. I had two shoots, which meant lots of time to pour over ideas and get creative with some exceptionally awesome clients. First on deck was this little guy. He was so happy to sleep and lay in any position that I placed him in. And here’s Read more ..

I’ve read and looked at some inspiring photography over the past few months. Some of the most amazing photos come from creatives who simply captured the mundane, the everyday, of their lives. I don’t have it in me to take a photograph- a -day, at the moment; I do however have a goal of documenting Read more ..

This week marked Sunny’s ballet review. She’s been taking ballet for about 2 years, and every review I am more impressed with the effort these little ones put into their work. To give you a frame of reference, here is a picture from Gracie’s review when she was two years old. (you can follow us Read more ..

Having Sunny as a child is not unlike having the Queen of England as your child…or so I would imagine. My daughter is all princess, all of the time. I’ve told you her take on most everything, “Mommy, that’s not for pretty.” As in “Would you like to play soccer this spring?” “Mommy, that’s not Read more ..

2014 was one of the best years of my life. To be perfectly honest- every year we have good health and each other is perfect. I want to thank you readers for coming to this space and sharing this crazy ride with us. Your kindness and support means everything to me and my family. If Read more ..

My Gracen, You are five years old. We have five years worth of memories together- and yes my life began only when I met you. I seem to have no memories ( none worth remembering) before your existence, and now that you’re here I have no memory that doesn’t include, or revolve around you. Now Read more ..

This past weekend made me so happy. We kicked off the Christmas season at my friend Amanda’s house. She hosts a Christmas caroling party every year (though this was our first) and it really felt the way Christmas should. Children, and laughter, and joy, and treats, and homemade eggnog! Walking into Amanda’s home is like Read more ..