Little Love Stories creates family documentaries and personal biography films.

We use our clients footage (old & new) and photographs ( old & new) to create one of a kind custom films.

Our films are the “surprise” at a surprise party, the sweet look back at a wedding or rehearsal dinner, the sentimental thought for a couples anniversary, and the happy birthday at the happy birthday party. We’re the goodbye at memorial services- a way to remember your loved ones and the beautiful life they lived. We’re the heart of what matters, the record of your time here with the people you love.

We take pride in the work that we do and that is why we’ve created a How It Works video montage- so you can have a better understanding of  what Little Love Stories is and of course, how it works! View the video below and contact us anytime at

We know what matters. Edit your life’s stories with Little Love Stories.




photo 2

For those of you who saw our FB page post about Saint not eating his dinner, you’ll be happy to know he’s still on a hunger strike. He’s 20 months old and the size of a big 3 year old- so we aren’t worried he’ll starve or shrink- however it is really annoying to work on dinner for an hour only to have a child throw it at you.

photo 3

He’s been trying his hand at being a dare devil lately. He climbs islands, ovens, stair railings, and trees. I would tell you my heart sinks every time we go to the park- but I have learned that God gave him more strength and baby fat than the average kid- so he’s fine. This kid can take a hit like non other.

photo 1

My Sunshine Girl- is a budding artist. She loves to draw, paint, cook, sing, and act. Like- all of the time. We’re getting ready for spring break so that is her main art inspiration these days. Below is a pic she created for my Mom and Dad.

photo 2

I once went to an art collectors home in Columbus Ohio and she had the most amazing oil paintings hanging all over her amazing home. However what really struck me where the paintings her kids had drawn ( when they were kids) framed and mixed in with the art collection. I have started a small collection of their art work and plain to have it framed and hanging on our walls….you know among the very exclusive and amazing paintings we own and collect. We’re very posh.

photo 1

The spring weather has FINALLY arrived. I can not properly explain the beauty and necessity of vitamin D.


This picture is from this past weekend. The spring sunshine has been waking this little guy up super early- so Matt has developed a method of sleep training I like to call- just put him in our bed, turn on Thomas , and see what happens. What happens is he jumps on the bed and on us. I’ll miss this someday right? Right.



A few weeks back Nora and her family came for a spell. (Don’t you like resurrecting words from 8 million years ago and using them like they’re current? The other day I said “that would be tops!” I think this makes me cool, but it might just make me a hipster…either way I’m tops! )


A great time was had by all- until it was time for them to leave. That’s when I over heard Aidan tell Gracie “We should have just gotten married today Gracen. Then I could just have spent the night!” to which my wise (and holy?) daughter replied “I know, But Aidan you can’t sleep here until we’re married!”


A-flippin-dorable! I don not think a day has passed that I haven’t given thanks for their sweet souls and heavenly connection. Some things are fate(d)- I don’t know if they are actually going to get married someday but I do know they were meant to be best buddies just like Nora and I.  And for those of you wondering Nora and I do not encourage their marriage talk- I promise they keep this up all by themselves.  When they left Gracie said “I wish they had choosen a different house, but they choose the house they choose.” It is not lost on me how wise that statement is or how graciously she has allowed them to move in peace.

I am not that gracious or accepting, perhaps it needs to be said again- my heart aches daily for them to return to the East Coast. And I know I’m not supposed to say that, but I really am not one to follow rules, social conduct, or personal boundries.



This past weekend my (other) best and oldest friend came for a visit- sans her  new cutie pie husband. She was in NY for business  (she’s very important and busy) and found some time to extend her trip and visit with us. I’m still unclear how this was a vacation for her or honestly even something she volunteered to do- BUT we’re super happy that she did.


There was a time not too long ago where Erin lived on the East Coast too, before moving home to Chicago. I did my best to convince her how awesome the garden state is, that is, I dragged her to Home Goods, a watered downed strip mall,  Home Depot, and a farm disguised as a zoo. I mean if that doesn’t scream move here and start your life with us, I just don’t know what does!



Erin and Nora are Jude’s Godmothers and it always makes my heart sing to be able to say that. They impart so much wisdom on Jude- it’s God this, Jesus that… all the time :) Just kidding. Mostly they spoil him rotten every holiday and give him lots of hugs and kisses, which is as good as gold to cuddly Jude.

Erin and Gracen

Erin taught Gracie how to take a selfie and every time I see this picture my eyes well up with tears. Can you even ever know how amazing it is to watch a human you knew as a child, hold your child? Can you comprehend the significance of that? I see this picture and I’m six again. There are no words for the absolute love I have for my friends. We’ve all been here before, together, forever- I wasn’t kidding when I said BFF. I meant that.

I simply don’t get enough Nora and Erin time in my life, and as years goes by and time moves forward, I wish I had known how hard it would be to get time together. There have been husbands and babies and work and careers and all of those blessings leave less and less room for time together.  I wish that’s what someone had told me before getting married and  having kids. I wish I had known how my life would become a series of moments that come and go far too fast, not nearly as often as I’d like.

I find myself checking flights to Chicago wondering how I can get across the country with one or both of my kids and spend more time with my best friends.

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I was just thinking how I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings takes on a whole new meaning when you’re parenting kids.


We got a new Nanny and she is amazing. She’s literally my favorite person in this entire world, and the only person who seems to have the single solitary job of making sure I’m happy. God bless our new nanny and her tendency to start her sentences with “the children” as opposed to “the monsters” ( which is what I call them). She’s so proper and she asked if she can speak to them in Spanish! HA! Knock yourself out! The idea…the thought (!) is so funny to me that sometimes I repeat it in my mind and laugh.


I say Nanny but really she’s our new babysitter. People on the East Coast like to say nanny it sounds posh. They do not like to say babysitter- that sounds low rent. They do the same with daycare vs. preschool, as in, my kids attend preschool… Oh really? Awesome mine attends daycare where she learns her letters, and  math,  and glues stuff, and paints other stuff- in general she’s learning how to be away from me for 7 hours at a time. Yours too? Right. Exactly. Same difference.

Everyone wants to feel bigger or higher or better than someone else- this is what 33 years of life has taught me. Moving on….


The wonderful thing about our new nanny babysitter is that she takes the monsters children to the park or library and then when it’s time to go home she bids them a farewell and they seem okay with her departure and I have to resist the urge to beg her to stay.  That’s probably not normal, but then again neither is relying on your four year old to give sound directions to the babysitter on how to get to the local park. (That happened and they got there and everyone was fine.)


In other news, my children (ahem) the children believe that every day without snow is a day meant to be spent outside playing in mud like pigs. I equal parts love and hate this about them. I want them to splash in puddles and play with their toys outside- I just think it’s still to cold to hang out there for hours on end. I find myself rearranging lawn furniture daily and then bribing them to come inside for (more) tv! When all else fails I lie and tell them I have a treat which usually ends with me digging frozen cookie dough out of our freezer.


Anyway now that Spring is here (albeit 40 degrees) I hope to bust my camera out of  it’s winter bag and take some new footage of the kids enjoying the nice weather. I suggest you all do the same- if you can stand the snow flurries!






Since the moment she was born I knew there would be some major life events that would go on to define my daughter. I knew there would be a first word ( doggie), a first step (14 months), a first friend (Noelle) and while I’ve been okay with her first being my last (with her)- I just became aware that it’s the  firsts I never thought of,  that are the hardest to move on from.

Since the time she could watch tv she has loved Curious George. It’s the only kid show we record on our DVR and no matter what- an episode of George can peek her interest. Sick and home from school? Watch George. Crying and can’t get herself under control? Turn on George. No matter the question George has consistently been the answer, until today.


Today she came home from school, I turned George on, and she ran off the play My Little Pony’s. Apparently the Galloping Gala    ( I’m not kidding, that’s the name of the party) was way more important than our old friend George. I will now try to put into words the level of  sorrow I feel  in my heart for this abandonment of our dear sweet little cartoon monkey. It’s ridiculous for a grown woman to miss a tv show- but it’s somehow made more understandable when you realize it’s directly connected to her growing up. George just doesn’t cut it any more- his stories of curiosity just can’t compete against princesses in purple and pink, and horses dressed as hookers.

I’m actually okay with my kids growing up. I love their babyhood but I am also looking forward to their childhood.  They will keep growing up and they won’t always say goodbye to the things that they used to love or used to play with, and that’s just something I’m going to have to make my peace with. I just wish she would tell me the time before its the last time. “Mommy, this is it. I no longer will be watching George. Stop DVRing him”  (or something like that ) then I could savour the moment , I could pause, I could say goodbye.


So I present to you, my goodbye to our old friend George.


George, you are just as big a part of my journey into Motherhood as my first born was. Your silly antics and natural curiosity got me every time. The way you walk to jazz music and your love for the man with the yellow hat always made me smile. You were our pacifier and our friend for 4 long years- and while I’ll miss you so much I just want you to know that you helped raise my baby into a girl. This isn’t goodbye completely, hopefully Jude will  pick up where she left off- but much like the lovie left behind on the bed of a parting college student,  old friend she’s moved on. I want to thank you for helping to teach her empathy and kindness. I want to thank you for your subtly mouthed mumbles that actually let us know what you were trying to say in English every. single. time. Oh George, it was a good run wasn’t it? Can you believe how big she got? Remember when she was just arms and legs and a mullet? Those soft waves gave way to spiral curls and that dimple in her chin is still just as promenant as it always was. I promise to never fall in love with those awful Ponies! I promise to watch out for the Princess’s who can’t ever seem to save themselves and opt for the ones who kick butt and use their brains. Oh George, this is a tough one.

Good bye old friend. Until we meet again. Gracen’s Mom.