Post written by : Stephanie Statham

Matt was on the news for being an American Hero, only that's not the story they choose to tell. Whatever, bad news sells. So here's the deal. Yesterday when Matt got to work he got an email telling him to come down to the Auditorium for a special surprise. When he got down there the Read more ..

So, now when Sunny taste food  she says…Um Hummmmmm! When she trys to fit her sippy cup in areas where it clearly doesn't fit she says… OH, AAAAAAA! When she sees a picture of her father she says…  Hi Da-Da. And when he left for work this morning she said Bye-Bye Da-Da. But for the Read more ..

I have a best friend that has been my best friend since we were 6 years old. She is beautiful and smart and talented and brave. She is an amazing spirit full of life, and light, and love, and she shares that spirit everyday with her students. Last week she was awarded for her efforts Read more ..

It's the second day of November and 6 weeks from today my baby will be 1 year old. How is that possible? How? I put the same baby to bed every night and somehow she woke up a little bit bigger until fnally she was a giant 1 year old…what the hell? I never asked Read more ..

It was a very very busy weekend for my Sunshine girl and we have so much to tell y'all about. On Saturday we ventured to Pennsylvania with Mother Dear and The Goose. After 2.5 hours of The Goose asking why this and why that, and Sunny shouting at the top of her lungs, we arrived Read more ..

Yesterday Sunny and I ventured to the DJ park with her friends Teddy and Fia and Corey. Looking at the other children play with the toys, standing up, and pushing the buttons, seeing who gets to ride which train; I was struck watching Sunny play by the frogs foot with hundreds of leaves in her Read more ..

Right, yes, she turned 10 months about….2 weeks ago. But Im just now getting around to posting these photos. Please don't judge me I'm a woman on the edge. Sunny can: Talk, her new favorite phrase is "Hi Daddy." Uh huh it makes me sick to my stomach. Has she EVER said "Hi Mama," NO! Read more ..

Someone should call child protective services. This is Sunny before the crash of '10. This is Sunny after the crash of '10. Yes, she is in the stroller on the ground…I'm a bit overwhelmed today. One Mama, one VERY active 10.5 month old, and just two hands…plus a new website ( more on that later) Read more ..

This weekend while Auntie Erin was visiting, Matt had the pleasure of escorting Sunny to the Queens County Farm, where they would spend the day with 6 of my Sunshine's closet friends. We are in a playgroup full of December 09' Babies and honestly what is cuter than babies in costume at a pumpkin patch? Read more ..

Sunny had a meltdown in the middle of Trader Joes. We were going toward checkout when all of a sudden I heard a scream. I looked around thinking, some poor Mama is in trouble! That's when out of the mouth of my precious lil Angel a yelp, followed by a scream  emerged. What's a Mama Read more ..