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What measures do you take to keep the newborns safe?

Safety is my top priority. I am CPR certified. All infants are kept comfortable and on soft, protected surfaces. I believe in baby led photography- which means the babies can fuss slightly but I will never allow them to hold a pose that makes them uncomfortable. I love the froggy pose, taco pose,  and head in hands shot too, however not every baby will  go into those positions so I will never guarantee those shots. I ask parents to help out quite a bit- whether it’s a hand on the small of babies back to keep them safe and calm, or holding onto baby in-between shots for cuddles and kisses. Your child’s safety is my number one priority. Any parent, sibling, or baby that has been sick the week of their shoot will be rescheduled. All wraps and props are sanitized and washed between sessions. I will review with you the poses and props before your shoot, so that we are all comfortable with the newborn session. 

How do you get the newborns to stay asleep?

Every baby is different, that’s no secret. As a mother of three kids myself I have a lot of experience with newborns and kids- and sometimes just having the ability to stay calm and serene while working with them is actually what puts the babies at ease. It’s not magic, but it is energy. I focus my energy on the baby and keep the studio (or your home) very warm. I play peaceful music, and make sure Mom or Dad is always there, ready to feed and cuddle.  They are safe, and warm, and well fed, so when I’m working with the babies I do my best to keep them relaxed and calm- which usually means they will drift off to sleep while I’m working. Prior to your shoot I will send you an email outlining your shoot. I will ask you to keep baby awake for as long as possible before their shoot, so that by the time we work together and babies fed, they are ready for a nice long sleep.

How long is each newborn session?

An in studio newborn session is one hour long. And at home newborn session is two hours long. This is because in studio I shoot newborn portraits only. There are no siblings, or family shots. During an in home session there are newborn portraits, sibling portraits, and family portraits too.  There is time for cuddles and feedings and kisses too.

How do family sessions work?

Family sessions take place at the location of your choice. If you need help choosing a location that fits your unique style, I have a full list that I can provide to you. Each session last about an hour. I do a mix of posed and candid photos. I will pose your family and ask you to move within the pose. My style of family photography aims to give you the most natural interactions with one another. I use bubbles and dancing and fun games to get the kids interacting with one another and to forget about the camera. 

Do you offer mini sessions?

I so not offer mini sessions.

What if I have an event but it’s not a wedding?

I love event photography! No matter the event I will be happy to be there with you and capture all of the details of your event. Birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms, and corporate events too. Just contact me and let me know how many hours of coverage you need. 

How did you determine which videos are featured on the website?

For the Little Love Stories website we stick with videos we created for close family and friends. While we have created countless love stories for clients, it didn’t seem fair to post their videos for the world to see. If you are a client and would like your video posted on our site or blog, we’re happy to post it for your family and friends to view.

I see you have many different videos posted, but what if I need something different?

Just let us know what your specific needs are and we will create a custom video just for you. There are endless possibilities and we’re up for any challenge.

How much time does each video take?

It depends on the project and the clients needs. Once we have all of your materials and music we can get started. Rush orders are available for an additional cost but on average each video can take 2-3 weeks for completion.

How do I find out the price?

Visit the INVESTMENT page of this website, there’s a full price list there. If you need any additional information email: info@littlelovestories.com

We accept all major credit cards, Paypal, & Cash/ Check.

How many DVD copies of my video can I have?

You can have as many DVD’s as you need. Upon completion of your project we will provide you with one DVD copy of your video, there is a $15 charge for every copy there after.

Does Little Love Stories film weddings?

We LOVE weddings! But, no we don’t film them.  We do however edit your wedding footage ( new or old) and create a wedding story video that you can enjoy for years to come. You provide us with any footage whether it’s professionally shot or not, and we will create your Wedding Story video. We also work with many companies that do film weddings, and they will film yours, and send us the footage so we can edit it! You’ll save some money, you’ll be thrilled, we’ll be thrilled, and everyone’s happy! See one of our favorite wedding edits here:

I am not located in New York; can I still get a little love story?

Absolutely. In fact our clients are from all over the US & The World. You’ll send your footage and music to our office, either snail mail or simply upload your materials and we will take care of the rest.

How often do you update the blog?

All the time. Stop by our blog anytime to view new photo and film projects and learn all about my kids and growing family.

Still have questions?

Visit our contact us page an email us directly.