Valentine’s Day Kisses & Snugs

You know how you see those pics with a baby with red kisses all over his face because it’s Valentine’s Day and you saw it on Pintrest? Did anyone know that those kisses are photoshopped on?


My advice if you go for a pic like this- less is more.



We had a lovely Valentine’s Day complete with heart shaped pancakes and pizza bites. That’s all I will say on that because then Sunny and I attacked her brother with red lip kisses and then we had to rush to the bathtub and then the night sort of went to hell after that. I feel like a lot of my stories end like that…


This is his face without 7 thousand kisses-  I do believe this is the face that will be seared into my mind 20, 30, 40, 50 years from now. I’ll be looking at my grown son and all I’ll see is this little sweet face.



Thankfully he hasn’t started running from me or my camera just yet. I’m sure once he finds out that it’s really not cool for your Mom to mess up your down time with photo sessions, he’ll start running away!


He’s also obsessed with his little blankie. It was a gift when he was born, and it hasn’t left his side since. I just don’t know how I will ever let this little man grow up? 19 months is a cute little stage where he’s starting to speak more and if you say “snugs” he’ll cuddle the heck out of you. I do believe (if possible) I’m addicted to this little man.



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