19 Months: Chair Series

I finally got Sunny back in the chair for a few quick shots last week- marking her 19th month on this Earth.

But first, a look back at 13 months old- when she was a better model and I was a better photographer.

As she has aged, so have our chair pics- which seem a lot less like a fun little project and a lot more like a chore I am trying to get through.

Doesn’t she look like she hunted her stuffed animal and is holding him up as if to say “Dinner?”


At 19 months Sunny is speaking in two or three word sentences, considering the use of her potty, and being her usual independent self. The other day I noticed something about the Earth- since the day she was born I think the sun has shined brighter…could just be me but I think the world feels the effects of her presence on this Earth.

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