Capturing In Home Newborn Portraits

Capturing In Home Newborn Portraits

In Home Newborn Portraits

I offer in home newborn portraits to clients who want to the best of both worlds, beautiful newborn portraits and sibling/family portraits too. For me it’s exciting to shoot in a families home. There we are surrounded by all of the elements that make a house, your home. In this particular session I was able to photograph Madeline in what will become her future playroom. Currently it’s occupied by her big sister Kate! Using the girls play tent, and the family’s stunning green front door, I was able to create a session that looks and feels like them.  And of course we had some family bed shots, because I think there’s no better way to capture the heart of a family.


About Madeline

Like many of my clients I have had the pleasure of working with this family before. In fact the last time I saw them Kate was turning one! It’s always a pleasure to catch up with clients and be there with them as their family grows.  Madeline is a living doll and a dream baby. Her in home newborn portraits were seamless as I positioned her in a bucket, basket, and finally on the posing pad. Madeline slept the entire time, revealing her bright blue eyes just as we were wrapping up. Big sister Kate wasn’t interested in posing for traditional sibling poses, and thank goodness for that! I think what we got tells the best story of all. Clearly the stork arrived at with baby Madeline posed perfectly in her basket :). Kate was so happy to show off her baby sister she covered her in tons of kisses and hugs.  Madeline and Kate will surely be great friends as time goes on. I can’t wait to capture them as they grow and grow up. This family happens to make beautiful babies who look like tiny cherubs ready for their close ups.

Check out some of their session and their family video below!

















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