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Little Love Stories specializes in family portrait photography and special occasion films.

We can’t stop time, but we can capture it! Little Love Stories edits your home videos and transforms them into a modern film that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. We create one of a kind documentary style videos to be shared with your family and friends for a lifetime. Every milestone deserves a Little Love Story video; birthdays, anniversaries, wedding, retirements, and more! See our How It Works Page for more information on our special occasion films.

We also specialize in family portrait photography.  Visit our Photography page for more information!

Capturing Time, celebrating milestones, saving memories. Edit your life with a Little Love Stories Film & capture the moment with Little Love Stories Photography.

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How It Works: A Little Love Story

Little Love Stories creates family documentaries and personal biography films.

We use our clients footage (old & new) and photographs ( old & new) to create one of a kind custom films.

Our films are the “surprise” at a surprise party, the sweet look back at a wedding or rehearsal dinner, the sentimental thought for a couples anniversary, and the happy birthday at the happy birthday party. We’re the goodbye at memorial services- a way to remember your loved ones and the beautiful life they lived. We’re the heart of what matters, the record of your time here with the people you love.

We take pride in the work that we do and that is why we’ve created a How It Works video montage- so you can have a better understanding of  what Little Love Stories is and of course, how it works! View the video below and contact us anytime at info@littlelovestories.com

We know what matters. Edit your life’s stories with Little Love Stories.



Pretty Pear Bride: 1st Published Article

I’m so honored and excited to be featured in the 2014 Spring Issue of  Pretty Pear Bride Magazine!

A few weeks ago I was asked to write an article discussing wedding videography & wedding films- and since it’s one of my most favorite subjects I was happy to give my Top 5 Tips For Hiring A Wedding Videographer & Editor.

Pretty Pear Bride First Article spring 2014{Videography}

pretty pear bride article #1 page 2spring 2014{Videography}

If you, or someone you know is a Bride-To-Be, Pretty Pear Bride is a beautifully written online and in print magazine full of great tips and real weddings to help spark your imagination.

In fact I’ve been so blown away by their readers and request I’ve added a Little Love Stories Wedding Page to the website.  I don’t film weddings, however I do edit all types of event films for my clients and give recommendations for awesome videographers in your area. Together we work together to give you the most awesome wedding film in the history of wedding films- complete with a Little Love Story magic.  Learn more in the video below.



This is way better than the Bra-vo article right? Finally a national magazine who values my mind…and never ending gift for talking! :) A huge thank you to Pretty Pear Brides- I’m so excited to be working with you! And to all my new Brides- this is going to be great ladies. And when you have your babies and take 9 million photos and videos we’ll incorporate your wedding footage into their first year and year in review films! And the best part is I get to watch your families grow!  (Can you tell I’m excited? What gave it away, my use of explanation points?!?!)




Babies First Year Video

For Jude’s first year video we used cell phone, flip cam, and HD footage captured over the course of one year.  We added in family voice over, music that meant so much to us and Jude, and a few transitions. The result? Babies First Year Film. This is the Story of Jude.

A Wedding Story

Every so often I get a call from my second favorite place on Earth, my sweet home, Chicago.

This call was for a custom wedding film featuring a Bride, and her hometown Groom, and their beautiful Chicago Wedding.


You know a wedding is amazing when every single person, dances All. Night. Long.

Congratulations Brigette & Dan and thank you for allowing me to capture your biggest day.



WELCOME, stay awhile.

Welcome to Little Love Stories. We are a full service post production house that specializes in special occasion memory  videos.  A memory video can be created for any reason under the sun, WEDDINGS, BIRTHDAYS, ANNIVERSARIES, GRADUATIONS, FAMILY REUNIONS, CHRISTMAS GIFTS and even MEMORIALS.


If you’re new around here let us show you around; we hope you’ll stay awhile. The tabs on the main page introduce you to the work that we do. Memory Videos, The Story Of Us, The Story of You, Way Back When, and A Wedding Story. You’ll find samples of each of these on the SAMPLES/PORTFOLIO page. We’re updating these all of the time so always check back because no two videos are ever the same.

Our BLOG page is updated weekly. That’s where you’ll find thoughts from the random corners of my brain, photos, video clips, and occasionally recipes and gift ideas.You can also click on the FACEBOOK tab to get quick updates and if you “LIKE US” on Facebook we’ll feed right into your feed (like a chicken, sort of).

If you’re thinking of having a memory video created or simply need to convert and archive your VHS footage, and have some questions click on the ABOUT section (read about our little company) and see a little tab pull down that says FAQS, this is where we’ve answered Frequently Asked Questions. When you’re ready email us using the CONTACT page and we’ll get right back to you.

I love reading your comments and answering your questions so don’t be shy and don’t be a stranger. So go ahead tell your friends about us, store this site in your memory, and let us tell your little love story!

The Story of You

The Story of You
When I was pregnant with my daughter, every parent I came across offered me one simple warning… they grow up so fast. Shortly after she was born, I realized they were right. Time was not going to stop and she will not remain little forever. Only eight months into her life, I could hardly remember her as a newborn. Along the way, we captured memories in bits and pieces; sometimes on the family camcorder, but mostly in clips on our digital cameras and cell phones. Allow us to edit all your video memories and permanently capture them on DVD. Together, these memories tell a story you can share with your little one as they grow – The Story of You.

Way Back When

Way Back When
A while back, a search of my Mother’s attic turned up a treasure trove of VHS tapes with hours of our old home videos. Make sure your memories don’t get lost, recorded over, or erased. Surprise your family with a restored look at Way Back When – have your old home videos, edited, scored, and stored on DVD.

A Wedding Story

A Wedding Story
Weddings are beautiful, they are also one day and that day goes by too quickly! Create an everlasting memory by filming your wedding and let us transform the raw footage into a timeless piece. Provide YBR Productions with all your wedding footage: professionally shot video, family camcorders, and/or camera video clips. We’ll create A Wedding Story – a professionally edited documentary of the most important day of your life.

Memory Video

Memory Video
Birthday? Anniversary? Wedding? Graduation? A photo memory video is the perfect way to reflect on the past while moving toward the future. Using photos and memorable songs, we’ll create a timeless gift that you, your family, and friends can enjoy forever.

The Story of Us

The Story of Us
An intimate look at the Bride and Groom to be, The Story of Us uses on camera interviews, photos, music, and home video to help couples tell the story of how two lives intersected to become something special. The Story of Us will captivate the rehearsal dinner or reception crowd. A timeless classic, your own little love story starts here.

The Knot

YBR Productions has been featured on The Knot TV, the worlds leading wedding website. The Knot wanted to know our thoughts on the importance of preserving the biggest day of your life.